7 Best Android and Iphone Tracking Apps


Smartphones inch their way more into our everyday activities as they are becoming an important part of our lives. With it, you enjoy the various conveniences and benefits that they provide.

All through its host of powerful features. What pushes this point is in the fact that we have 3.5 billion smartphone users all over the world.

We depend a lot on these devices. This becomes evident as we end up crippled when our smartphone goes missing. This is where we resort to tracking apps to help us find them.

Today, we will help you find the best phone tracking app to help you find your smartphone in such a situation.

  1. iSharing

Among the options for the best phone tracking app, iSharing fulfills its function in tracking down your device. Aside from tracking lost devices, it also has another function that you can take advantage of. In this case, you can use this app to keep track of your family members.

The app allows you to create various groups. As well as communicate and monitor group member locations in real-time. Along with tracking the location, you can also check the location history. This lets you know where they have been for a certain time.

You can also communicate with those within the group through the app via chat. Your phone can also operate as a sort of two-way radio. What’s great is that it’s the best phone tracking app for iPhone devices.

  1. FamiSafe

Another reliable entry in this list for the best phone tracking app, FamiSafe has a line of apps that help you for this purpose. It comes with features such as real-time location tracking and location history, which helps you check the route that your device has gone through with its accuracy.

You can also set up a safe perimeter using Geofencing. FamiSafe also has a feature that allows you to block and monitor apps installed on the device. You can also filter websites accessed by the smartphone.

The advantage of this is that you can do the tracking remotely, and you have an easy-to-use interface. Also, you won’t need to root Android devices to make FamiSafe run well.

Speaking of Geofencing, you can also check this out to know what is PXM.

  1. Find My Device

This option stands out as one of the most popular when it comes to phone tracking. Even after resetting the smartphone to its factory settings, the tracking system still delivers.

Find My Device also locks the smartphone with a custom message and a contact number. This occurs if the phone gets lost.

It also functions even when placed on Silent Mode. An interesting detail that it also tracks is the device’s network and battery status, which helps you gauge if the phone still has enough power and coverage.

As for its mapping system, it can also show outdoor and indoor maps when tracking the device. Although Find My Device is only available for Android, it is a worthwhile option to go for.

  1. Mobistealth

As a tracking app, Mobistealth ranks among the high-end options for Android. It comes with powerful features meant to protect and safeguard its users, including effective tracking and monitoring of the mobile device.

Aside from tracking the smartphone’s location, Mobistealth also tracks other bits of information. This includes browsing history and phone calls. It also provides an accurate GPS location for your device in the event it gets lost or stolen.

The good thing about this is that it is also tamper-proof. Although this app comes with quite a premium, it comes in with a worthwhile price.

  1. Family Locator

For a tracking app that is best described as a cross-platform system, you can try out Family Locator. This app lets you access the location of your family members, making them easy to track using GPS. It does the job well in pinpointing you the location of each family member within the area.

On top of its tracking system, Family Locator also has a Chat and Group system. Thus allowing you to communicate with each other through the app.

Being a cross-platform app, you can use this with any device regardless of OS.

  1. Buddy Locator

While this one is more of a website than an app, it offers a means to track a smartphone by using the mobile number. All you need to do is to launch the website on your browser. After this, choose the appropriate country and then input the number.

From that point, the site will track the device then show you its location on the map. The good thing about this system is that you can use it for free, and its tracking is decent when the other options would run on a subscription basis.

  1. Life360

It stands out as an all-in-one location tracking app with its host of features. It works well on all devices, smartphones, and tablets. Location-sharing features can help notify your loved ones, and vice-versa.

One of its main selling points is its safety features. For instance, the app can call for an ambulance and send out notifications to emergency contacts when such a dire situation occurs.

Aside from group creation and communication features, it also has a notification system. This one notifies you and others within the private group of departures and arrivals. This makes it the best app to track kids’ phone activity when you can’t reach them.

Keep Your Mobile Devices Within Reach

With the best phone tracking app, you can be sure that you always know where your smartphone will be. It can also serve as a means to know where your loved ones are as well through their smartphones.

The trick is to ensure that you use these apps and tools responsibly. This way, you can keep both your devices and your loved ones safe.

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