7 Purposes Of Personal Loans: What You Need To Know


By: Raymond James

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The personal loan market is one of the fastest-growing segments in consumer lending. If you’ve been thinking about getting one but aren’t sure what they can be used  for, this article is perfect for you! Let’s look at seven reasons why personal loans are worth considering and the best loan options available to you.

  1. To Consolidate Debt

If you have several loans and credit cards with varying interest rates and monthly payments from different financial providers, a personal loan can be a simple way to streamline your finances. Most online personal loans offer a quick application process that doesn’t involve going into the branch or spending hours on the phone. Often, if you have a steady income, a checking account, and a government-issued ID card, you can be approved within a few business days. .

  1. To Make Home Improvements

Home renovations can be expensive and make a big dent in your budget. Making improvements to your home, such as: installing new appliances or fixtures, installing energy-efficient products like solar panels, repairing damages caused by water or fire, or finishing a basement, can be costly. Taking out a personal loan with a predictable repayment schedule and competitive rates, rather than incurring the high-interest costs of using credit cards or using your emergency fund, can be a helpful alternative.

  1. To Pay for Education

Getting a degree or pursuing higher education can be expensive. Taking out student loans to help you pay for college or trade school can leave you crippled with debt that takes years to repay. One option to supplement your finances during this time is to consider using personal loans. Shopping around for the best rates with favorable terms, instead of traditional student loans, may be helpful depending on your individual circumstances. .

  1. Refinance an Existing Mortgage

In the past, refinancing a home loan was something that only high-net-worth individuals could do. Thanks to online lenders, refinancing your mortgage has become a more accessible way to get a lower interest rate on your loan. They also provide professional customer care who are available to walk you through the loan application and evaluation process and determine how much you qualify.

Refinancing can be a smart financial move as it allows you to pay off your old mortgage in full and get a significantly lower rate on a new loan – all within one payment. Homeowners who refinance their mortgage often save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

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  1. To Pay for a Holiday

A family holiday is always something to look forward to, but it can be expensive. If you plan to travel by plane, train, bus, or car, you will need to pay for your ticket or to  rent these modes of transportation as well as lodging and food. A personal loan can help you finance your trip in one easy step; there’s no need to apply for multiple loans or credit cards to pay for everything.

  1. To Pay for Health Care Expenses

Health insurance policies vary and some cover only fundamental medical needs, leaving you financially responsible for deductibles, co-pays, and other expenses. If you’ve had surgery or need to see a specialist, these costs can add up quickly, making it difficult to pay for them out of pocket. A personal loan can be  an option if you need to borrow money to cover your medical expenses or while you wait for reimbursement from your insurance company.

Personal loans are easy to understand once you’ve put in the groundwork. With access to competitive rates and flexible terms you can shop around to find a loan that works for you. To recap, personal loans are an innovative financial solution for consolidating bills, buying expensive items like appliances, home improvements, paying for education, taking vacations, or repaying medical expenses. Meanwhile, you can check out RapidLoans.com.au for more information.

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