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Mathematics is a growing and developing concept in every field. In recent times, mathematics is a subject that is required almost everywhere. Most universities, colleges, and even jobs have this subject as a necessity. Increased significance of the subject has made it more important for every student to understand and learn it with increased focus, interest, and effort. Mathematics is not just one subject but there are several sub-sections in this curriculum.

These branches consist of geometry, algebra, numerical, and other equational questions. Sorting from all these sub-sections, geometry is an extensive concept. Geometry includes the study of various shapes, equations, and graphic representations. The study of shapes here refers to the understanding of the theory of forms like circles, triangles, hexagons, and rectangles, etc. their theory consists of the formulas and ways to calculate the area and perimeter of these shapes. Every shape has its features and formulas. Now let us grab some more knowledge about one of these shapes.

To compute the area of triangle, different methods are used. The total of all the sides of a particular type of shape is the perimeter. The formula for finding the perimeter of the triangle is

P+Q+R, where p, q, and r are the sides of the triangle.

While calculating one should make sure that the sum of the base and another side should always be greater than the remaining side. To illustrate- if p=12, q=5, and r=4, then it will not be considered a valid triangle and also will be difficult to measure the total of sides. Triangle is mainly of three shapes.

1. Equilateral triangle

It is a shape where all sides of the triangle are the same in length. Also, each angle of this shape is equivalent and is 60 degrees. For finding the perimeter of this triangle we need to add up the length of all the three sides, but as in this case all the sides are of equal length perimeter can be calculated as 3*side. This kind of shape is known as an equilateral triangle.

2. Isosceles triangle

Here any two sides of the figure are of the same length and the third is different. Any duo of the sides can have the same length, be it the base and height or height or third side or base or third side. To calculate the perimeter again the same formulae are used.

3. Scalene triangle

In this shape, the length of all the sides varies. No side has an equal length with any other side. Also, all the angles in a scalene triangle quantify differently. The perimeter remains the same again as we are, to sum up, the dimensions of all the sides of the figure.

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