Why Use Automated Passenger Counter?


Take your fleet operations to the next level by installing EyeRide automatic passenger counters (APCs) in your vehicles. EyeRide designs innovative public transport systems, including automated passenger counters. They are built to meet the rigorous standards set by the transportation industry, and also pave the way for fleet companies to analyze their passenger’s utilization of their services.

APCs are electronic devices that are installed in transit vehicles, such as buses and trains, to record boarding and alighting data. The technology can boost the accuracy and reliability of monitoring transit ridership electronically as opposed to a manual headcount. Digital passenger counters are increasingly being adopted by American transit operators who want to upgrade their vehicle tracking systems. The one-way automatic counters work by using infrared light above the doorway of a vehicle.

CCTV surveillance cameras can be used with APCs to log the number of passengers entering and leaving a transit vehicle at each station.

Here is why you should install EyeRide passenger automated passenger counters on your commercial vehicles

For many years, the public transport system passenger count has been done manually. Business-wise, it’s important to know the number of passengers boarding a vehicle at each location and time. 

A passenger counter with an accuracy rate of over 99% is a dream come true for fleet operators as they can rely on accurate people sensors to simplify the counting of passengers onboard their vehicles.

The installation of EyeRide passenger counters is a groundbreaking investment that will give you massive returns.

Roll out these systems across your entire fleet, and eliminate the financial burden of paying for manual counts onboard your vehicles.

EyeRide flexible APCs can be set up in a matter of a few minutes. Equipped with the latest 3D image quality, low-light sensitivity, and low latency — the next generation of automated passenger counters offer a broad spectrum of predictive solutions that transcend people counting.

As the leading brand in the vehicle surveillance systems market, EyeRide io has built high-end people counting systems based on video analytics for public transportation that incorporates information on your routes and fleet.

EyeRide’s passenger counters have a stunning accuracy rate of around 99% — that’s one of the highest you can get in the current market.

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Benefits of EyeRide APC

  •       Real-time passenger counting
  •       Know the exact number of passengers at each stopping point
  •       Understand your peak vs non-peak hours data
  •       Perform route analytics
  •       Locate your buses in real-time
  •       Increase the efficiency of your fleet company

Passenger counters save you money

EyeRide’s ultramodern passenger counting sensors use advanced image processing techniques to track the movement of passengers in and out of a commercial vehicle. Their usability is high especially when APCs are combined with remote monitoring technologies. Automating people counting procedures that require manual intervention can save you the costs of employing manual labor.

The counters come with proven functionalities as they are specifically built for commercial vehicles such as buses and trains. Despite the device’s high-performance hardware, it’s small, light, and energy-efficient.

High-quality APCs from EyeRide come at competitive prices while guaranteeing buyers excellent performance and longevity.

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