Avoid These Top 5 Mistakes While Outsourcing Development


The outsourcing industry has grown a lot over the years and has gradually turned into a global business. Outsourcing is not only helpful for startups but major companies are also taking advantage of it for the growth of their business. Outsourcing can improve your business’ efficiency, decrease the marketing time of your application resulting in notable cost-savings, but only if you do it the right way.

With outsourcing development, there are certain risks attached that can negatively affect your business. No doubt it has its set of benefits but can turn everything upside down if it isn’t planned and maintained in an orderly manner. Finding a reliable development company like Saigon Technology to help you in your project can be a tricky task and you may end up making a lot of mistakes that can ultimately hamper your business growth.

Don’t worry, here I have listed some of the common mistakes to avoid while outsourcing software development.

1.  Not Doing Enough Research

We do not trust someone the very first day we meet them. Do we? No, right. The reason is we need time to know more about them and the same goes when it is about outsourcing development.

You should be patient enough with the first step i.e. to conduct research on the company you are going to hire. Here is how you can avoid selecting a wrong outsourced development team:

  • Know how the developers operate and what their work ethics are.
  • Talk to their past customers and ask about their experience
  • Go through the blogs of the development company
  • Follow their social media accounts and check if they are active there
  • Google the company’s name and read the news available

2.  Be Clear while Communicating

Communication is the key to the success of all business projects. Your communication skills with the vendor represent what you expect out of them and what they can do for you. To ensure success, you have to overcome the barriers of different time zones, languages, and cultural beliefs.

All this can be easily managed by communicating with the outsourced team regularly and know about the progress and other aspects. English is widely spoken throughout the world so make sure the service provider is comfortable with the language that you know as well. This way you can clearly convey the project and the development team can easily interpret your message.

3.  Lack of Legal Knowledge

Outsourcing development can be a great challenge as it makes you enter into a contract with the service provider. What if they don’t deliver the result as per the initial promise and discussion. While outsourcing development, you must always consider hiring a lawyer. Also, it is important to get into a non-disclosure agreement before revealing the details of the project.

You also have to ensure that all the privacy measures are taken care of. The privacy measures include knowing the legal system of the outsourcing team’s country and if your project will lead to any kind of law violation. Proper contractual knowledge will help you deal with all the legalities and ensure that you get what you pay for. Make sure the contract you get into has everything related to the conduct of the project, the quality, time limit, and the basis of termination.

4.  Be vocal about your objectives

Before outsourcing, make sure to have a clear description of the objectives that you want to achieve with your product. Now, it can be a difficult task if you are a non-tech company, so make sure you have an IT person in your team who can draw out the key elements of your product that you want to outsource the development for. Most of the small businesses make this mistake to outsource their development project without knowing what they need and how they will achieve the underlying objectives.

Be clear with your development objectives and ensure that every detail has been mentioned in sync with other aspects of your business and helps in achieving the overall business objective.

5.  Short-term contacts

You must be thinking that getting into short-term contacts must be profitable but they come with certain limitations. Short-term contracts imply that will be handled within a fixed time interval and that can hamper the effectiveness of the complete development project. There are Genyoutube chances that you may miss upon something important and you will not get enough time to test your product.

So it will always be better to look for long-term contracts where you can get sufficient time for development, testing the product, and support after development.


Outsourcing software development cannot be taken lightly as it can help your business reach heights. You need to create a strategy and consider all the key factors along with those that I have provided in this guide. Do a thorough research and find the right service provider that is able to deliver the desired results.

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