Benefits of appearing in Class 7 Maths Olympiad


Benefits of appearing in Class 7 Maths Olympiad

International Maths Olympiad tests thousands of students every year from Class 1 to Class 12 from every state of India. These students are tested for their mathematical and logical skills. Those who have never appeared for the exam, often wonder if they should participate or not. Several questions cross their mind. What is the use of appearing for a national-level exam at such a young age? Why should we go through the trouble of learning something that we will already be tested in the school for? 

If you are planning to appear Class 7 Maths Olympiad and have similar questions appearing in your mind, then we have all the answers for you. Here are the key benefits of appearing for the Class 7 International Maths Olympiad.

  • Encourages and identifies budding mathematical talent

The main aim of the IMO exam is to identify mathematical talent across India. When students score high marks in the exam, they are identified as those who have a knack for mathematical and logical-reasoning skills. These students can have a bright future in this field.

  • It motivates the students

The students are encouraged to participate regardless of what their results will be. Appearing for an exam that is conducted on such a huge scale is in itself a great motivation for the students and makes them feel encouraged and keen to learn more.

  • Strengthens conceptual understanding

The exam is based on questions that make you think out of the box. The questions are mostly application based and if students lack the basic conceptual knowledge of the topics they will not be able to solve such questions. Thus students appearing in the exam have to work on their conceptual understanding.


  • Discourages rote learning

Many times when students are learning for their school exam, they resort to rote learning because they know that the questions will mostly be asked directly from their textbooks. But when they appear for the IMO exam they cannot just mug up formulas, theorems, or solutions. They need to learn the basics in such a way that they will be able to apply them to logical problems. In the due process, the students learn to avoid rote learning and focus on learning conceptually.

  • Improves knowledge of the school syllabus

The syllabus of the Class 7 IMO exam is based on the Class 7 Math textbook. So whatever you will learn for the IMO exam will further strengthen your preparation and knowledge for the school exam. Moreover, since this preparation will be more conceptual, it will help the students in the future too.

  • Boosts your confidence

To successfully appear for an exam of a grand reputation and large caliber boosts the confidence of the students and their parents alike. Every student gets a certificate that in itself encourages them to participate in more such competitive exams.


  • Encourages students to think analytically

A large part of the IMO exam is based on questions that stimulate them to think analytically. This analytical thinking will help them in other aspects of life as well.


  • Enhances logical reasoning skills

Different types of puzzles are an integral part of the IMO exam. These puzzles enhance the workings of the students’ brains and improve their logical understanding. It also teaches them to have fun solving puzzles.

  • Prepares them to give their best under pressure

The exam has a set limit of 60 minutes wherein the students have to solve 50 questions out of which many questions are based on high-order thinking skills. This prepares the students to work fast and accurately to score high marks.

  • A chance to showcase the talent on a national level

The students get an amazing opportunity via the IMO Exam to showcase their talent on a national level. The students who achieve high marks in the exam are recognized on a national level and are also encouraged to appear for the exam at the international level.

  • Encourages healthy competition

Any competitive exam encourages healthy competition amongst the students. Students also get a chance to compete with their selves and improve exponentially as a result.

  • Great for self-evaluation

The IMO exam helps the students to assess their performance. Students may be performing well in school exams but if they do not score well in the IMO exam, then there is something wrong with their approach to the studies in school. These exams thus provide a great way for students to evaluate their performance.

  • Encourages hard work and preparation 

Although the syllabus for the IMO exam is based on basic textbooks, extensive practice is required to clear the exam with good marks. This practice encourages the students to gather study material in the form of buying books or downloading question papers. They must work hard and do good research like downloading IMO Class 7 2012 Question Paper or question papers from any other year. They must also look up some great videos by experts to help prepare for the exam.

  • Given them recognition in the school

When students score good marks in the Class 7 IMO exam, the school faculty identifies the student as someone who has great potential in maths and the school further encourages such students to participate in more competitions at state and national levels.

  • Rewards and certificates

Monetary rewards along with certificates and other incentives also form an integral part of the IMO exam. Such incentives, rewards, and recognition by a well-reputed exam are a motivation in itself for students to participate in the exam.

There can be many advantages linked to the International Math Olympiad exam. but the most important thing is that there is no downside to appearing for the exam. Students must appear for the exam learn new skills and get exposure to different competitive settings. Learning should always be the most important goal for students to pursue. Thus everyone who gets an opportunity to be a part of this exam must grab it on the first go just for the sake of improving their knowledge and getting a new educational experience.

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