Top Benefits Of Reading NCERT Solutions for Class 10th Hindi


Hindi is an important subject for class 10, as it will add to your overall percentage. Hindi can also be helpful for the future because regional languages are gaining more and more popularity these days.

NCERT solutions make the language much easier with their latest concepts and fundamentals, helping the students to score better marks. The syllabus is designed in such a way that the students can grasp the chapters very easily. The language and the words used are also very simple, helping the students understand and learn quickly.

NCERT solutions are available for all four books of Class 10 Hindi – Kritika, Kshitij, Sanchayan, and Sparsh.

  • Kshitij – This book comprises stories and poetry that will give knowledge about the diversity of literature. The learning process has become very simple with NCERT solutions.
  • Kritika – This book has small tales including satires and serious tales. Each story teaches morals, making the stories interesting.
  • Sparsh – This book is for students whose second language is Hindi. This book has stories that are simple and easy to understand. The stories are written to help the student to gain knowledge about literature.
  • Sanchayan – This book will help the students understand the importance of literature in the Hindi language. The NCERT has put the chapters in a very simple and precise manner allowing students to have a better understanding.

Students are required to have a proper understanding of grammar for writing comprehension, sentences, etc. The Hindi Vyakaran contains solutions and exercises that help the student to score better.

Top Benefits of Reading NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi

  • NCERT solutions provide lessons to students to help them learn the basic concepts and fundamentals of the language. With the help of NCERT solutions for class 10 Hindi, students can get proper guidance to answer the questions in a relevant manner.
  • The solutions are properly organized which helps the students to get familiar with the exam paper pattern. The language and the words used in the solutions are very easy to understand and remember.
  • Students practising the NCERT exercises will be thorough with the subject concept and be able to write the answers in a very precise way.
  • With NCERT solutions, the preparation becomes easier and faster. Students will have enough time to revise and practice the chapters which they might find complicated. With NCERT solutions, students can get an idea of the type of questions that are asked in the board exams.
  • The chapters in the NCERT solutions are prepared by teachers who have a thorough knowledge of the subject, making it easier for students to prepare before the exam.
  • The practice of the exercises and solving the sample papers will be beneficial for students in improving their writing skills. Some exercises present in the NCERT solutions help students to enhance their learning process. The solutions are well organized with all types of questions and answers.

What are the tips to do better in Hindi exams?

  • Revise the NCERT solutions chapters thoroughly. Try to do the assignments, especially the grammar section, as it is very useful. This will give an idea of the type of question paper that would be appearing in the board exam.
  • Practice writing the answers in your own words. Since you would have read the chapter and understood the storyline, this would be easy.
  • Check your answer once you have written and compare it with NCERT solutions. This will help in improving your writing skills.
  • Students can easily know their performance level once they complete the assignments.

Advantages of NCERT solutions

  • The solutions are very easy to understand even for the students who might find difficulty in the language. The solutions given are very systematic and one can plan their study routine to complete the syllabus with a minimum time frame. It is a perfect guide for all your queries. Once you start referring to it, you can easily get a grip of the language.
  • NCERT books are highly recommended for class 10 Hindi. You can rely on these books for your exam preparations. All the chapter-wise explanations as well as summaries of the poems are properly framed, making it easier to understand. Once you read it, it will be easy to understand the concept and write the answers.
  • NCERT solutions are totally organized and systematically prepared with the current syllabus, helping students to prepare completely for the exam, with all the sample question papers and solutions. The answers given in the NCERT solutions become very useful, especially while reading the chapter, and answering the exercise questions. If you find difficulty in some words and want to know the meaning, you can refer to NCERT and you will get your answer. 
  • NCERT solutions are prepared by expert teachers having a thorough knowledge of the subject. Students can clear their doubts regarding the subject through NCERT solutions. Students can attempt and practice all exercises of the chapter. By doing so, they will be well versed to answer the questions with a clear concept and logic. The exercise solutions are very clearly mentioned and easier to learn and understand.

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Tips and the strategy to plan for the class 10 Hindi exam

  • Allot the time to study for the particular subject.
  • Make a proper schedule and day-wise timetable to complete the syllabus.
  • Make sure to follow the plan and complete the chapters.
  • Do not miss out on any part of the exercises.
  • Practice writing as much as possible. Writing is the best way to enhance your skills and rectify your mistakes.
  • Make sure to read whatever you have written. Practice the same during the exams also. This way you can avoid mistakes.


With proper planning and study timetable, students can prepare well and can aim for higher scores. The explanation of the chapters and the summary of the poems given are very useful and come in handy, especially during revision before the exams. Remember to refer to NCERT solutions for class 10 Hindi to understand the concepts and fundamentals clearly. Attempting all the assignments will help the students to be confident and score well.

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