Benefits Of Sandblasting [What is Abrasive Blasting?]


The process of cleaning the painted or non-painted steel is known as abrasive blasting and this process is also commonly known as sandblasting which is being done by the sand blaster gun.

Well, to prepare concrete and masonry surfaces also, the method of abrasive blasting is used. The most common material that is been used as abrasive is silica, and so, it is known also known as sandblasting.

The different methods of abrasive blasting like air, water, or centrifugal force drive the high-velocity abrasive particles for removing the old paint, rust, and mill scale from any surface you want. But the removal of oil or grease is not possible with this method.

Well, different methods are responsible for removing the different types of dirt. So, now, we are going to share the types of abrasive blasting that are possible for easy removal of different types of dust from different surfaces.

Types of Abrasive Blasting

#1. Conventional Abrasive Blasting

For removing the rust, contaminants, and old paint, dry abrasive is precipitated from the surface in this method. Well, before painting the surface, it must be cleaned of blasting residue by blowing the clean air across the area.

And the user must need to take special care for thoroughly cleaning the horizontal or other obstructed areas. Well, for following the environmental regulations, the abrasive blasting is confined in most locations that are not under the control.

And for following such a process, one can consult the local industrial hygiene or environmental office. Well, recycling abrasive is one of the solutions for reducing the amount of debris that is being usually generated. It will separate the waste paint and abrasive from each other.

#2.Wet Abrasive Blasting

To propel the amount of airborne dust, wet abrasive blasting is the best and the most suitable method. Well, it can be done with the two methods.

  • There is an exit near the nozzle where water is injected into the stream of abrasive.
  • In the second method, water is injected at the control unit upstream of the nozzle and the hose of the nozzle is used for propelling the mixture of air, water, and sand.

Some of the inhibitors that water may contain in these blasting methods are ammonium nitrites, sodium, phosphates, potassium, or dichromates.

Benefits Of Sandblasting

If you own a workshop, then you may better understand the benefits of sandblasting. Because by using the sandblaster you can very easily complete your cleaning and dusting task. Not even dust even by using the sandblaster you can easily remove the old paint and other stains from any surface.

The sandblaster can be used on floors, doors, walls and anywhere else. It makes your work easier than ever. Because you don’t need to scrub the surface with the help of sandpaper that is too painful and need more time.

Apart from this by using the best sandblasting gun, you can easily remove the dust, dirt, paint, oil or anything else from the door, floor, wall or from any other surface. However, the sandblasters are mostly used in industrial work and workshops but you can also use the sandblaster for your home as well.

It is easy to use and doesn’t need a large space. Also, lots of handheld sandblasters are available in the market that is easy to use and can be used very easily. Even you don’t need any extra technical or workshop skills to use the sandblaster.

So, if you are finding something that can ease your cleaning and dusting work. Then I would suggest you use the best sandblaster because it is the best way to remove any stain from any surface. So, these are some of the benefits of using the sandblaster, now when you have complete information about this product. So, you can buy the one for you for all your dusting work.

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