BEST ASMR Microphone TIPS IN 2021


“What ASMR microphone are you using?” This is the most frequently asked question when recording ASMR video.

In recent years, Meridian Autonomous Sensory Response (ASMR) has gained popularity among both young people and adults, especially when it comes to recording videos on YouTube. Not every microphone is capable of producing the right sound quality and tingling, which is why it is important to find the right ASMR microphone. Click here for more information on how ASMR microphones work.

What makes an ASMR microphone the best?

First, not every ASMR sound is a binaural sound. A binaural sound is a sound that has the quality of two different sounds at different frequencies in each ear. These sounds can be heard separately from each ear; left and right.

For example, when recording ASMR audio, many factors must be considered;

  • Sensitivity

Sensitivity plays an important role in elucidating many nuances to ASMR triggers. High sensitivity has proven useful in the manufacture of small parts without distortion and disturbance from the outside.

  • Extended frequency spectrum

Play or record sound that covers the entire human hearing spectrum from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The better the sound covers these frequencies, the better the listener’s experience. A microphone capable of recording or reproducing sound between all of these frequencies provides the best way to control the sound as needed.

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  • Grille or windshield

The grille or windshield plays an important role in reducing the chances of sound resonances when whispered into the microphone. The windshield also serves as a good source for listening and friction, etc.

  • Impact installation or insulation

A good, quiet microphone and a decent recording environment are needed to enhance the impact of ASMR. A microphone with good mechanical noise insulation helps to record sound in the best possible way.

Microphone type

ASMR sound can be recorded with a binaural microphone available in different types, labeled;

Multidirectional microphones

These microphones pick up sound evenly from all directions. A good but cheap microphone that should get the best trend sound direction is not impossible when the latest microphone comes on the market.

Phantom-powered microphones

Phantom power is a term used for a power source that some microphones use to operate, otherwise there is no way to make them work. These microphones must be connected to some kind of device that provides them with power, such as any recording device.

Why is ASMR a new feeling?

Everyone has a sensational reaction to a certain type of sound that makes him feel relaxed or calm. Some sounds help people reprogram their minds and achieve a calm state of mind. In view of this, it is clear that not all voices affect all people equally.

So the magic is to understand what sound will help you achieve a relaxing state of mind and body.

Audio ASMR vs. Visual Images ASMR

So do you like the voice of ASMR, the visual elements of ASMR, or both?

Well, ASMR is not limited to sound effects but has visual triggers that have a relaxing and calming effect on humans. Here are some examples to help you know which visual elements of ASMR are most popular with listeners;

  • Foldable underwear
  • Hair brushing
  • Eating
  • Pet growls
  • Writing or translating pages
  • Mixing the paint

The options are endless. You can create and choose what makes you feel happy with what you do or what people are more vulnerable to.

In terms of sound, you can listen to sounds, mark or cut paper, and eat. In addition, whispers or growls are very popular among listeners.

How does ASMP affect your brain?

The sound of ASMR is known for its tingling, which makes them really powerful in all kinds of brain sensations. Activation of brain regions associated with emotions, empathy, and appropriate behavior.

If you’ve ever come across the word “brain bubbles,” it’s mostly a brain tingling that feels in the spine of your head, causing a variety of emotions.

  • ASMR sounds are mainly used for various stress-related problems, e.g.
  • ASMR sounds have a hypnotic effect that makes a person sleepy.
  • The form of meditation helps reduce anxiety.
  • It lowers your heart rate and gives you a relaxing and soothing feeling.

ASMR sounds can make you warm, favorite, and safest when you listen to something that brings you a homely feel. For example, when a baby is in a crib, he listens to the mother’s voice, which gives him a sense of comfort. Likewise, these sounds are really effective in making you feel safe and loved.

What do you need to create your own ASMR content?

First, you need a camera, high-quality headphones, and a high-quality binaural microphone. With these essential features, you can create impressive ASMR videos and record audio. Finding the right product will ultimately play an important role. There are many sources for the devices, but the difference is a genuine and reliable source, such as XYZ, which offers the best products, the most powerful performance and quality. In addition to the best choices, you can look for customer reviews to understand the true effectiveness of the product.

If you are going to get to ASMR, it is time. It doesn’t matter if you do it for the first time; with the right devices, you can create great things from ASMR audio to visuals. Just know what makes you feel good and how what you create can benefit others before you do.

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