How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan in India?

If you are someone who is a citizen, or someone who is living in this torrid-temperate Indian climate, then chances are, you are pretty familiarized with ceiling fans right from the day your senses started opening up to the world, till date. It is certainly the most common appliance found in every Indian household, or public spaces alike. In fact, on an average, a two-bedroom house might have around three to four ceiling fans in total.

All that being said and done, if you are on your quest to find the best ceiling fan in India, you really need to do an extensive amount of market research first. Then you would be equally surprised and shocked to see how many companies have such a profit-building scheme from ceiling fans only.

How Exactly Does a Ceiling Fan Work?

A ceiling fan is an appliance which is meant for cooling rooms. The fans are usually mounted hanging face down from the ceilings, and have a rotative motion and are probably the most pocket friendly manner to cool down in the humid and hot climate in India.

The way a ceiling fan functions is pretty simple- there are three to four blades, each of which is connected to an electrical motor inside. This motor helps in the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy which in turn rotates the fan’s blades.

Types of Ceiling Fans:

There are quite numerous options available while choosing the best ceiling fan in India, but before that, we would like to put forward a few fans which are standard while buying any ceiling fans. These are:

  1. Standard fans: these fans are the ones which you might find around every house in India, and they are quite a popular choice when it comes to fans. It comes with blades ranging from three blades, which can go up to five blades, depending upon the customer’s choice of design and decor.
  2. Low Profile Fans: adorably nicknamed as ‘hugger fans’, they are usually seen and are popular among people who have rooms whose height is 8 feet or less, mainly in attics or rooms made in staircase landings. This fan is usually mounted directly on the bracket of the ceiling, and can give the rooms a sort of polished finish.
  3. Energy star fans: as the name suggests, these fans are great when it comes to eco friendliness. They use around twenty to thirty percent less electricity as compared to other regular fans, and they come in standard sizes as well as low profiles. Although, be very sure to check out the energy rating on these fans before making a purchase.
  4. Dual motor fans: true to its name, these fans usually have two motors- one attached to two horizontal rods controlling and adjusting the fan’s speed and the other one allows the user to control the speed of the bodies separately. Talking about functionality, these fans are the best!
  5. Remote controlled fans: for couch potatoes like us, remote controlled fans would probably make it to the list of best ceiling fan in India. I mean, do we even need to say more and highlight the pros of these fans?

In a Nutshell

With this, we have given you our take on the best ceiling fan in India, obviously we would not advise you on any certain brands, that market research you got to do on your own, but we did mention our hot takes about fans and we are sure you are going to be more equipped and knowledgeable after reading this article than you were before coming in here.

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