5 Tips to Bolster Team Collaboration at Work


According to a recent survey, collaborative teams post five times higher results in the workplace. In fact, more people are now opting for flexible remote work, meaning that collaboration is becoming even more crucial for your company. It is the cornerstone of your business and a key determinant of whether it will succeed or close shop.

Some of the common benefits of having a collaborative team with effective teamwork include increased performance, which is key to achieving your business objectives. Now, let us look at simple ways you can enhance collaboration at work.

Share the company’s mission regularly

Each of your team members needs a reason to show up for work at your organization each day. They yearn to be part of the broader team achieving the objectives of your organization. It is crucial to define your company’s mission, as that is the initial step towards bringing your employees together under a common goal. Also, a simple and meaningful task sparks the employee’s passion for their work in your company. It would help if you made it your duty to remind the employees of your company’s mission often.

Define and communicate the team’s goals

You should set the goals that your team should achieve and clearly communicate the same to them. Every employee in your organization must understand the goals that you expect them to achieve daily and long-term goals. Well, clearly communicated goals help reduce backlogs other than keeping everyone in your team productive. It also ensures your team members feel validated as members of your organization, encouraging them to work productively.

For example, you could set goals for your sales and marketing team. Planning that they hit a certain sales target within a record time will keep them on toes and working towards the set goals. More importantly, it would help if you rewarded them for hitting their target and encouraging them when they don’t. This will keep them motivated to work at your company.

Invest in collaboration tools

The workplace is quickly evolving from the traditional mortar and brick model to a more decentralized, even remote model. This has come with its advantages, like scaling up the level of flexibility that can increase your team’s productivity. This is where collaboration tools that enable a free flow of information come in handy in allowing your team to achieve their set goals and work seamlessly. It is time to invest in instant messaging or chat apps, video conferencing tools, secure file sharing tools, project management apps, editing tools, coding tools, etc. A good file-sharing tool, for example, will help your team share documents securely through public networks like the Internet.

Here are some advantages of investing in good collaboration tools:

  • Boost efficiency: collaboration tools that are used for organizing remote meetings have been seen to increase efficiency as they help cut down on meeting time
  • Collaboration tools enhance innovation: a collaborative approach is effective at building consensus among your employees. This increases levels of motivation and participation, hence pulling the teams together to work toward your organization’s goals.
  • They are useful in enhancing communication within your organization, enabling your team towards achieving their goals.

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Encourage creativity

There is no doubt that a collaborative team tends to be an innovative team. Now, encouraging creativity will help foster collaboration in your organization. You can host brainstorming sessions where your team can open up and generate creative ideas that will help achieve the goals and realize the company’s vision. It would be best if you created an environment where employees will feel that their input is valued. This will encourage them to contribute more useful ideas for the overall benefit of everyone. It is advisable to inform your team members of the activity in advance for them to prepare adequately.

Foster open and honest communication

Communication is a critical part of succeeding in business. More importantly, team collaboration depends much on truthful communication among your workers. When people feel comfortable about the environment in which they are, they will open up and share their honest views. If your team works remotely, consider setting up a weekly conference call to check in with employees. You will learn about the challenges they are going through, the obstacles making it difficult to realize their goals. This way, they can come up with creative ways to achieve company goals.

Wrap up

Collaboration among your team members is critical in ensuring the growth of your company. It allows your employees to generate and implement ideas, plus it will boost workflow efficacy. So, tap into creative ways to promote collaboration in your business, including using the right tech.

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