How to Build a Gaming PC

If you love PC games, you might want to consider building your own computer. There are many benefits to building your own PC, especially in terms of gaming. For one, you decide the parts you want, so you can find the best deals happy with that individual peace of mind – it could save you some money. Secondly, you gain a lot of knowledge about your PC by creating your own, and this can help you in many aspects of your PC and games. Third, the computer & computer games are developing extremely rapidly. This often means updating your PC so you can play the latest games at high settings. Building your own PC will give you this knowledge.

Check What Parts Do Your Need

The first step is figure out what parts you need. I’ll go over to a basic outline for you, and then you can tailor the individual pieces to whatever you want.

The motherboard

It is the main board that almost everything on your computer connects to computers. PCI motherboard is one of the major things you will need.

Hard disk

– Everything is saved here. The standard size these days is around 500GB, however it is growing rapidly. Most will also be available at 7,200 rpm if you are really in the game, however, 10,000 rpm is what you can watch.


RAM & memory: memory for random access. It helps multitasking and startup speed. You want at least 4GB. Don’t go cheap on ram.

The graphics card

It is obviously the largest part of any gaming rig as it affects the visuals the most. You want to make the most of your investment. If you want to work at a higher resolution, look for a higher memory card. You can also check out dual card options. Your two main manufacturers will be ATi and Nvidia.

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Power supply unit (PSU)

– reminds that this is almost everything that is inside your computer. Will not taste on this. Find a good brand with attractive watts, especially if you are looking for dual graphics cards.


– Brain of Operation. Your two main manufacturers will be Intel and AMD. Do some research on this as they come in a very wide variety of cores, clock speeds and the like.


– Add extra fans. Your gaming rig will run hot, especially these high end graphics cards. Make sure your computer stays cool and you can even install a temperature monitor program. There are many free ones that can be found when searching the internet.

Final Words

Many people who are thinking about building their own gaming computer & are overwhelmed with opinion, and this is something they can never do because they are not very technical, or believe that this is something that you have to do a lot of training. To be honest, it’s not that hard. Today it is almost as easy as finding where everything “turns on”. Probably the hardest part of building a gaming PC is ensuring that all of your components are compatible with each other and meet your specific needs. If you wish to know about Hunter X Hunter, please read this.

If you are interested in building your own computer, there are hundreds of training videos and articles dedicated to this. Don’t worry because you are not an IT person, it really isn’t that hard.

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