Chandigarh – The upcoming Silicon Valley of India

Takeaway: Chandigarh, the capital of Haryana and Punjab, is emerging as the startup hub of India. The beautiful city has many tourist spots and has an IT park consisting of renowned companies like Infosys, Dell, HCL, etc., which attracts many individuals for job opportunities.

Coworking space in Chandigarh is also increasing rapidly, which helps people working in various sectors to work in a different than the usual work environments.


Chandigarh’s long relationship with startups

Chandigarh has had a long relationship with a businessman (interestingly, the Bansal of Flipkart fame is urban and recently spotted on a TV interview with their alma mater). India’s first private sector ‘Morpheus’ was based outside the city and incorporated the early 80 unconventional, including CommonFloor, Prato, and Akosha, until it closed its accelerator system last year. The ‘Hatch’ (now obsolete) founded by Puneet Vatsayan was another incubator from Chandigarh.

Chandigarh is very close to Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh and attracts many of these provinces. The availability of many motivated and skilled people ready to take on new roles and responsibilities is one of the most significant benefits the city offers. The city is also an educational center in the region. There are many office spaces to rent in Chandigarh, which helps many individuals get affordable workspaces.

The presence of many educational institutions in and around the city also ensures the constant availability of skilled workers. Traditionally, talented young people and startups from the region eventually move to Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai for better opportunities. However, as the regional eco-system develops and the overcrowded metro is no longer attractive, the number of talents leaving the region has begun to decline, and many professionals have started to regress. Many business people in the area believe the trend will continue to improve. 

Marbella Grand in Mohali is just 10 mins away from the city, so you can live grand and work smoothly.


Evolving customers in Chandigarh.

The City of Tricity is also home to fast-growing customers and willing to try new ideas and concepts. At this point, Samar Singla says, ‘… but you can still try to pull in Chandigarh in your destination, such as found in Delhi or Bangalore, municipal cities are already crowded with startups you can’ check your product and see the pull in its delicate concept. People are already overwhelmed by the details of so many startups. ”

However, even though the target area is similar to a metro, it is still small, and many entrepreneurs find it challenging to convince customers to try their services. Siddhanth, who enters an online grocery store, Soulbowl, says, “… there are almost no businesses here in Chandigarh that can speak. Consumers are less likely to buy online as they have more time on their hands because of Chandigarh’s products and prefer to go out and shop. It is a great challenge to convince customers that they will get the same quality and product at their door for the same price, anytime they want. ”

Commenting on the problems they faced while working in the city, Samar observes, “One of the biggest problems I faced was that despite a good product, everyone loved, there were still many people who did not join because we were not available in the city. But people do not usually stay long – therefore, it is a good and bad thing. The scale, according to the statistics you can get, is small because of the people. However, it still helps to make the product tested and refined, after which it is much easier to take the product to the city and continue the competition. ”

Each city has its advantages and disadvantages, but Chandigarh, somehow suitable because its benefits outweigh the challenges. Starting a new business is by no means a difficult task in the city because of access to resources and easy access.” everywhere in the city.

So, why not start your startup in Chandigarh with all these favourable features the city offers?

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