5 Classic Timepieces of Frederique Constant


A watch is more than just a means to keep an eye on the time for the elegant and trendy people. These watches seen below are, in addition to your style, the best-picked timepiece of the Frederique Constant Watches, a casual touch that encourages everyone around you to see it because of your bright, sleek, elegant personality.

You’ll notice five of the best classic watches of Frederique Constant for you if you’re going through our post: things you can wear at any time of the day, in your job, or even exercising. Below are the five accessible fashionables, inexpensive, and yet practical watches.

Frederique Constant Delight FC220M2ER4B

Are you looking for watches? It is helpful if you considered going through the Frederique Constant Classics since it has all classy watches created that will surely add up to your style and will not cost you much. This model comes with markers for minutes with the dates displayed on the wristwatch.

The watch glass’s Scratch prone durability is contributed to the sapphire crystal covering. The thickness of the case is 31 mm, with a circular CaseCase design and hidden fastening. It is a classic water-resistant watch that can resist up to 100 feet/30 meters. The Constant Frédérique FC220M2ER4B is a rather elegant style.

Frederique Constant Classic 3HD FC225ST5B5

Frederique Constant’s Classic Silver Dial FC225ST5B5 watch has a 40 mm gold-plated finished steel case with a stainless, silver-toned dial, the curved crystal of sapphire that is scratch-resistant, and gold-toned watch hands and indicator for hour markers. There are Black Minute markings along the rim.

A branding printed beneath the position of noon signifies its identity, show hours, and its minutes, and the watch’s CaseCase has a thickness of 9 mm. It also has a crowning that users can push or pull. The 20 mm leather brown harness with a snap loop strengthens the overall feel.

Flyback Chrono Black Dial FC760DG4H4

If you’re going through various watches but are searching for the best wristwatch from Frederique Constant Manufacture, then the FC760DG4H4 timepiece from this company in their Flyback Chrono series range is the one for you as it’s inexpensive and offers a piece of bold design.

Flyback Chrono marked with a Tachymeter on the bezel is pretty lovely. There are subdials to the Chronograph showing every sixty seconds, thirty minutes, and the exact date. It controls automated motion with a Frederique Constant Caliber FC-760 with a capacity reserve of thirty-eight hours.

White Dial Two-tone Men’s Watch FC303WN5B3B

Layout by Frédérique Constant no. FC303WN5B3B is a set watch made by Whit Dial White Two-tone for men to wear. It has a 40 mm full, stainless steel case. The classic, luxurious, stylish, elegant wristwatch has a beautifully polished silver case on an identical white dial with Roman numerals in gold-tone.

The watch has an automatic, mechanical movement with gold- and silver-tone strap. With the aid of sapphire crystal coating, it is scratch-resistant, Swiss-made. This watch goes with everything that you want to wear.

Frederique Constant Dameur Med LÆNKE FC306MC3ER2B

The FC306MC3ER2B arrives with a 33 mm finished case in stainless steel with a bezel of rose gold, a pearl dial, and black watch hands with scratch-resistant sapphire crystals, and Roman numeral hour markers.

A 15 mm silver-tone bracelet of stainless steel with a gold plated rose connection in the middle and a Deployment clasp is available. The watch has an up to 30-meter automatic movement and waterproofing abilities. This classic watch is an interpretation of luxurious design.


Whether you’re shopping or preparing to buy men’s and women’s watches on the less expensive, trendy, and still practical side, this article can help. Enjoy these latest and classic watches of Frederique Constant featuring great designs and movement technologies.

These listed watches are made of high materials and built to last a long time. Wearing classic watches will never go out of style; you can comfortably shine on various occasions without effort. You will quickly display your style while wearing the timepieces.

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