10 Common E-Commerce Obstacles and their Easy Solutions


With the increase in competition and technological advancement in the market, digital commerce has seen a tremendous boom over the last decade. Along with the expansion in size and elevating demand for online business, it is certainly not easy to override the wave of ecommerce. It is a typical market trend to research online before actually making a purchase, and the reliance of users on the online mode is even more in the case of E-Commerce Business.

Along with the perks that the users and owners both enjoy through digital commerce, the challenges faced by E-Commerce businesses are multifaceted. There are numerous problems faced by the leaders throughout the globe while functioning in this sphere. With time, as the understanding and knowledge of these leaders are developing, they are working to find the solution to most of these challenges. This is not an overnight task and will only be accomplished with time.

There are various regulations to be followed in an ecommerce business. Keeping an edge over competitors is not easy, and keeping it safe and sound for you is not an easy task. To overcome these challenges, it is essential to have a deep understanding, and then a problem-solving approach is required. Some of these problems need professional help, while others can be managed by the owners themselves through keen understanding.

Here, we have researched for you the top 10 issues usually faced in the E-Commerce business along with their solutions:

  1. Still not considered as the part of the picture

Science and technology have positively impacted all our lives. The growth of technology has proved that development cannot be led alone in the absence of it in modern times. Even in the age of technology, there are some parts where digital commerce is not included as the mainstream segment of the sphere. These businesses are finding it challenging to include ecommerce as a part of their business operations. As a result, there is no separate maintenance, planning, and funding for it.

As a part of the solution, these companies must broaden their mindset toward digital commerce; accept it in its full glory. They should focus on the positives that ecommerce has to offer and the advantages they can have from it.

  1. Contesting with the established names

Every emerging firm today is competing directly or indirectly with the already established business giants in the market. These well-established names have secured a place in the heart of people. They have secured this place through unbeatable consumer experiences, so it is needless to say that you have to compete with the same in the digital world. It will not be a bed of roses for the emerging ones and requires proper attention to reach the top levels.

As part of the solution, the new eCommerce companies should work on careful analysis in the market and then frame an individualized plan to provide consumers with an incredible overall experience to convert them into permanent users.

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  1. Security concerns

With the multiple existing challenges of e-commerce, the security challenge is a predominant one. The malicious attacks by cybercriminals throughout the globe have significantly caused the loss of money and reputation to even the big names in the e-commerce sphere. They employ the sensitive information of the users to cause harm to these platforms.

As a part of the solution, SSL Certificates available in the market should be used to keep a tight hold on your ecommerce platform’s security. There are numerous certificates available in the market but should be bought only from the trusted providers. Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate can also be employed and are favored to ensure security for multiple first-level subdomains under a chosen primary domain. These certificates are highly capable of providing you the much-needed security cover by replacing HTTP with HTTPS, which is relatively secure.

  1. Break the crowd mentality/ Think outside the box!

The industry is growing every single day, with several new names in the market. Most of them have something different to offer, but there are some with just nothing innovative. Coming with the same old ideas with no element of authenticity and originality makes you land nowhere. Even the renowned names who could not keep up with the booming market failed to survive. To remain in the market for the long run, it is desirable to stand out in every sense. It is essential to insert your quirk element and not just look similar to what is out there in the market.

As a part of the solution, there is a need to stay on top of your creativity game and develop new and exciting things capable enough to attract consumers. Stay away from the old and oft-repeated ideas and offer new and better experiences to the consumers.

  1. Conversion rates that deliver

It is comparatively easy for e-commerce platforms to attract the audience through multiple marketing strategies. But it isn’t easy to convert the visitor into buyers and then loyal consumers of their business. The primary challenge is to promise an unalterable experience by convincing them to make a purchase. Most people visit the website but somehow do not end up purchasing something, the rate of which is high these days. Due to high cart abandonment rates and mandatory sign-up strategies, consumers often do not make purchases even after making it to the e-commerce platform.

As a part of the solution, the email lists can focus on the probable buyers. Then, the website must be built in a manner that can successfully generate curiosity in the buyer. The content should be well managed, and there should be an efficient system of response to the buyers’ general queries. The search bar should be in the proper place; there should be enough feedback from the consumers and good quality pictures to provide an ultimate consumer experience.

  1. Struggle with joining the consumers with them for a long run

Most businesses find the consumers for a single buy or two, but it is difficult for them to have a loyal base. It is essential to have permanent consumers that keep a regular eye on your content and have excitement towards your business. To associate the consumers for a long time is the problem that several businesses are facing today. This can be employing only the old strategies or not finding something new to attract the consumers.

As a part of the solution, one should always think deeper by not focusing only on one-time sales but follow-up as well. It can be done by providing them appreciation tokens or gift vouchers that attract them towards your business and keep their interest alive.

  1. Deliver what you say you will!

It is also seen that the consumers do make a purchase from the e-commerce platforms but complain of not getting the expected or promised. The big and small businesses should be dedicated to serving only the best to the consumers that too on time. The businesses should be ready to cater to the consumers only the superior quality products, which is the supreme in making a loyal consumer base.

As a part of the solution, the businesses should have a proper supply chain and furnish the products well in time. They should be ready to meet the demands of the consumers whenever required.

  1. Stagnation in sales

An E-Commerce Business must adopt strategies consistently to increase their sales band. It is essential to place adequate products at appropriate places on your website to avoid stagnation. You may have limited visibility in the market, or your reach is restricted to a narrow audience base, resulting in your restriction in sales.

As a part of the solution, the ecommerce platforms should be effectively managed with the maximum efforts possible. If you are stuck at a particular factor and not finding a solution, you can even seek professional help in the same direction. A consistent effort is thereby required to overcome all the challenges posed in different areas.

  1. Visibility limitations

One of the biggest problems observed is the crucial issue of visibility. Since you need to expand your reach within the buyers, it may be the inappropriate policy, and limited exposure may be limiting your sales. In this way, to strategize, your visibility-related issues need your immediate attention.

As a part of the solution, you need to ensure all the essential steps remain in the top organic Google search. Various other practical SEO strategies can be implemented to increase your visibility. Keep your website mobile responsive to get broader attention in the market.

  1. A sorted return policy

Even if most of the businesses would not agree to the fact, your e-commerce business must have a good return and refund policy. One cannot deny that it is the image of your business that keeps you viable in the market, and today, the consumers are more inclined towards a platform where there is a good return and refund policy. To provide a good consumer experience comes at the top; it is, therefore, a must-have in the market.

As a part of the solution, evaluate the pros and cons and come to the balance of it. A return may not be that good to your business, but it is, after all your reputation in the market that is going to earn you consumers, and this is going to help you with it.


With the rise in the e-commerce business, the retailers are also contending with several challenges. One can even look at it as the most challenging business of all, but it is looking at its positives that will take you far in the long run. In this way, it is essential to carefully observe the key issues you face in your business and work on them.

E-Commerce business’s key challenges include security-related challenges, attracting the consumers, and turning a reasonable conversion rate into a loyal consumer base. Providing an incredible experience to the consumers is another big challenge in this field. The points mentioned above talk about all the critical challenges with practical solutions and how to deal with them. If employed carefully, we expect you to find the desired growth and balance in your e-commerce business.

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