Create The Best FinTech App Ever


FinTech includes numerous areas — payment services, investments, insurance, various types of loans, neobanks. Nevertheless, companies working in multiple directions at once and helping clients to complete financial tasks to the maximum in a user-friendly interface break into leaders.

The finTech applications market is expanding. Companies are introducing the latest innovations in them: AI, ecosystems, paperless services. These complex options make people’s lives easier. But if the design isn’t fully developed, the app can seem confusing and with a user-unfriendly interface. So, it’s necessary to go to trusted developers only.

In this article, we show you how to make a technologically advanced and user- friendly finTech mobile app that makes your business even more successful. Go!

How To Create The Best FinTech App Ever?

Social networks are connecting payment instruments. E-commerce platforms are integrating convenient accounting systems. Real estate rental agencies are

launching lending and insurance services. The popularity of finTech is growing daily. Such applications have already become an integral part of our life.

How To Create The Best FinTech App Ever?

However, not every company in principle needs an app. As a rule, quite large and stable firms order application development. If you understand that it’s time for your business to acquire such a service, then, first of all, be sure to estimate its development cost on, and only then move on.

Furthermore, as a business owner, you can and should approve the design, discuss and propose different concepts. Let’s take a look at what exactly a finTech application should include.


One of the major trends in mobile financial services is hyper-personalization. It’s based on analyzed data about users’ behavior and not just about their basic characteristics.

Artificial intelligence recognizes and analyzes the user’s actions and interests and offers him relevant services.

The content is customized to the users. They receive personalized recommendations, offers, bonuses, cashback. Hyper-personalization allows them to spend less time looking for options and information. It frees people up time for more important things. That’s why they are more likely to return to your service again.

Instant payment

An add-a-payment-method feature is a must-have for any application that sells products or services. Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they don’t have to search for a card number or access third-party mobile services.

Instant payment

Push notifications

Push notifications are a great way to keep your users informed and aware of various events happening in the app. These updates will help your users stay on top of their financial news such as balances, failed or pending transactions, and more. It’s one of the most valuable features for users.

Virtual assistant

If you want to create consumer-facing applications that your users love, you need to offer what they want to use. Give them access to virtual help or AI- powered chatbots to find their queries or use the features of your app — all without compromising security.


Given the specifics of the application, your users will be forced to trust you and provide all confidential and personal data. But if suddenly, somehow, such information leaks and it falls into the hands of scammers, obviously, your application will end.

A high-quality fintech application includes a huge number of features that experienced developers know for sure. But keep in mind that your finTech application should not include trending options only. It should be convenient and easy to use as well. The frequency of use depends on that.

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