How To Engage Your Students During A Presentation? Check Out These Pro Tips


Data collected through different studies suggest that 74% of students in their 5th grade are fully engaged in their school and study activities.

But the same data also indicates that this percentage falls to about 30% when the students reach their 10th, 11th, and 12th standards. But why is it so?

This can be due to many reasons, but the more important it is here is how the teachers put effort into engaging their students better. Well, this is a straightforward procedure provided the teachers pay attention to the basics.

What needs to be done on the part of the teachers is adopting interactive learning atmospheres. There can be no better professional presenter than a teacher. After all, teachers talk to parents, students, and even other teachers, which is all a kind of presentation.

Teachers keep giving presentations always, and thus they can get burnt out very quickly. The efforts put in on the part of the teachers are worth it if at all, the students find their presentations interesting and engaging.

6 Presentation Tips For Teachers

So, what is the path towards creating an engaging classroom presentation for a teacher? The pro tips below can help the future shapers of society perform better in front of their audiences.

1. Storytelling Is The Right Tool

When giving a presentation, the teacher doesn’t need to be the only presenter. Even the students with certain stories to narrate can play their part in increasing the glory of the presentation.

The teachers should start by discussing the main concept, and then the students can be invited to provide personal examples.

The storytelling exercise is of good help for the students as they relate closely to the subject of the presentation. Listening to the examples of the other students will help them understand the concept in a better way.

Storytelling is best done with the use of technology. Digital tools like the YouTube to mp3 converter allow the students and the teachers to work on their devices and examples and sending the same to the whiteboard.

The students and the teachers can easily rip audio from YouTube videos and transform them into MP3 files so that the same can be presented in class.

2. Visual Aids Are A Big Yes!

It has been proved through research that different varieties of visual aids like icons, figures, and images, have this fantastic ability to decrease learning time and improving comprehension. This visual memory triggers also help in increasing retention.

These tools are crucial for teachers who want their students to remember everything in the presentation. Adding visuals that reinforce or illustrate the points of a presentation makes the project more engaging.

However, simply adding visuals without any pre and after-thought will not work. Teachers should be mindful of the different ways in which infographics, GIFs, and movie clips enhance content.

3. Less Is Always More With The Right Slides

Teachers, Pay attention. Experts are of the view that merely because you are preparing a presentation does not mean it should be filled with slides. This is a complete NO, NO! Most of the time, there is no slide required at all.

But for teachers giving presentations to their class, it works to gather supporting information and put the same down in fewer slides. Only going for a lot of wasteful information will not work.

As a teacher, you must aim at creating an impact on the minds of your students. This can best be done by providing less but useful and to-the-point information. Now that’s superbly possible with just a few slides in your presentation.

For the teachers wondering about the best free video editor, InVideo comes as the right answer. It is a platform that helps you make short and well-formatted video presentations that are both impactful and easy to understand.

4. Aim At Creating Interactive Presentations

There is hardly any individual in this world who would like to listen to prolonged presentations. And when it comes to students, they are a hard bunch to handle!

If you force them to remain on their seats for long, your presentation will probably lose out on interested audiences. So, a little engagement in-between is the key to creating an engaging presentation.

Use role-playing, group discussions, and questions to get the students involved. Presentation tips about the engagement of the audience create interest and excitement. This can make it easier for the teachers to hold the attention of the students.

5. Highlight Important Points Of The Presentation

Making the effective use of call-outs and contrast for specifying the slides you are talking about will help in creating student engagement. It is challenging to keep the students away from distractions.

So, use tools that can help them understand any part of the presentation when they are back from their distractions.

For instance, you can use table rows and bullet points along with circles, arrows, and other pointers for showing the reference slides. Photographs and illustrations also work wonders.

6. Last But Not The Least – Have A Clear Idea

Being clear on the idea you want to put forward through your presentation is very important. This must have been the first point in this list of presentation tips to help teachers with student engagement.

Focusing on one clear idea and working on it with supporting details establishes interest and makes way for retention. One crucial point that teachers need to consider here is simplifying the topic of their presentation.

As a teacher, it might be very easy for you to speak a lot about a particular topic. But your students might find it tough to understand everything. So, consider just one main issue every slide and work on making it easy for your students.

One Last Word

Keep in mind, the main objective behind giving a presentation is helping the students understand and even remember the things you are teaching them. Avoid overwhelming them with a lot of information. But mind it, not to underwhelm them with too little!

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