Seven Things Every Marketer Should Know About 3D and AR


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR)

Nowadays, augmented reality is the most prominent technology trend. It is going bigger and bigger and become more accessible all over the world. AR is a technology that can combine real-world images, videos, etc. with computer-generated information. AR can provide you a lot of information.

For example, can you imagine a device that, when you focus on any restaurant? It will automatically show you the menu card and other customer’s reviews about that specific restaurant if you are looking at any historic building. Or you can see how you intended to purchase furniture will look in your room, using “View in a room“ Augmented Reality eCommerce.

You are told about all the background history of that building that when was it build or who build it? If you are sitting next to any stranger and will know about his name, age, etc. These are few afforded possibilities of this new technology named as AR.

Things Marketer Should Know About AR

In today’s world, marketers are trying to fulfill all desires of their consumers. AR is an emerging trend that allows every brand to give its customers a unique experience with singe touch on their mobile phones. So, here we will show you seven strategies every marketer should know:

Facilitate customer with a try before buy scheme

Every customer always wanted to try the product before you buy them, whether they are online customers or the customer who purchase a product from your physical shop—changing rooms, makeup samples, car’s test driving, and many other products related to this. Augmented shopping helps you to experience all this. With the help of AR, all customers can try cosmetics, clothing items, and a full range of home-related products and office-related products without directly interacting with the retailer.

AR provides Customers an Experience of Reality.

AR offers your business to add a digital component at your physical location or in your product. With the help of AR, whenever customers buy a product and scan it, they will know about the additional information about that product and know about the experience of other people who buy this product. For instance, a ticket-sales company can use an AR application. AR allows all users to view the 3D display of the stadium where the match was played. People who love watching games by visualizing the look from many seats can also choose the right position for themselves.

Advance Your Brand with AR

Augmented reality can change your branding material like business cards and brochures to the next level by adding virtual components to make them more attractive. For instance, if you have a clothing brand, then use the AR application. The customer scans all the printed material with the help of their mobile phone to access a wide range of features by providing them more information, and they can get in contact with the brand as well.

Catch Your Customer’s Attention with AR

When you put effort into making your marketing strategy and grabbing your customer’s attention, you can quickly get a customer’s engagement. As time passes, you can struggle hard to satisfy your customer. Your company or business needs to find unique ways to gain your brand visibility and establish trust among them. AR is the only way to quickly connect with buyers and easily motivate your users on a repeated basis. AR can quickly promote your brand at a social level. Augmented reality helps advertisers to engage with customers at a more in-depth level.

3D Visualization

3D visualization is a process in which you can create graphics and rendering designs via 3D software. Many companies get benefits using 3D visualization. For instance, games, films, architecture, engineering manufacturing, and many products like these. Marketers nowadays using AR applications to enhance their business.

Following are the few things a marketer should know about 3D:

Create New Strategies Using 3D

Any brand needs to make a perfect picture of its brand. AR application will help you to project a 3D scene which looks like real. With the help of AR, we will analyze and create a visual look that is going in your mind. One of the most useful advantages of using 3D is that you can anticipate exactly how you think in your account.

Use White Background

Using a white background is a challenging task, but it is exciting as well. You can use 3D visualization in your brand by changing your computer like reflection, texture, shape, volume, etc.

Show your product to life using 3D Technique

One of the most significant advantages of using the 3D technique is that you can show your product’s animation. This is the best way to satisfy your customer by showing how this product work.

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