5 Excel Hacks You Need to Know


Microsoft solidified their hold on the business data processing world ever since they introduced spreadsheet software with Excel. Microsoft Excel is the software program that powers financial institutions, company budgets, sales targets, and much, much more.

Consequently, if you’re looking to up-level your skills as a professional, then you can’t go wrong by shoring up your Microsoft Excel skills. If you’re looking to learn Excel hacks, tips, and tricks that will make you a more productive employee, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at five high-impact Excel tricks that will enable you to build insightful spreadsheets faster than ever.

  1. Conditional Formatting

One of the most powerful functionalities of Microsoft Excel is the ability to automatically format cells with certain colors, borders, or fonts based on the values contained within the cell.

Conditional formatting works in a fairly simple way. You simply specify the rules that you want to apply to a particular cell, and you associate those rules with specific formatting.

For instance, let’s say that you want to easily highlight outliers in a column of data. You could set up conditional formatting such that every cell that contains a value outside of the range of normal data colors that cell red. Every other cell could be colored green.

The possibilities are truly limitless with conditional formatting.

  1. Data Filtering

Another important Excel feature is the ability to apply filtering across a spreadsheet very easily. To use this feature, you’ll simply use the upside-down funnel button located towards the right of the ribbon in the Home tab.

This will apply filtering across the data in the table. With these filters, you can automatically hide rows with certain cell values outside a range, sort the rows by ascending or descending values, or the like.

  1. Show Formulas in Cells (CTRL + ~)

If you work in financial or related industries, then there’s no doubt that your Excel spreadsheets are filled to the brim with all kinds of formulas If you want to quickly and easily expose all of the formulas used in your spreadsheet, use the CTRL + ~ shortcut.

  1. Auto-Create New Excel Files

Sometimes, the best Excel tricks happen outside of Excel. For those situations where you have alternate software programs that need to create Excel spreadsheets that house outputted data, you can use c# create Excel file commands to do so. This will save huge amounts of manual work.

  1. Find and Replace (CTRL + H)

Last but certainly not least, the find and replace function can help you quickly locate and replace all instances where a wrong value might have been used on your sheet. This makes your sheet so much more malleable in the face of typos and data errors.

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Add These Excel Hacks to Your Arsenal

There you have it. Armed with these Excel hacks, you should now be a much more capable Microsoft Office power user. This will in turn make you a more productive employee.

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