Easy Ways to Exchange Messages Around the Globe Without Social Media


Being able to contact people instantly is a defining characteristic of our hyper-connected times. You can reach almost anyone anywhere around the world, so long as you have access to a stable wifi connection. The proliferation of handy social media apps that are made to help streamline communications has made this once seemingly fanciful idea not only possible but an integral part of our daily lives.

However, as a result of our hyperconnectivity, it’s just as popular these days to have a “social media detox,” and distance ourselves for a few days or even months at a time from different social media platforms. It’s hard to be reachable at all times by everyone, and sometimes you only want to be in touch with close friends and family. That’s why it makes total sense to use ways of texting people around the world without relying on social media. The following are a few ways to help you do just that.

Free Texts Between Phone Models

It seems as though it were just ten years ago or so wherein it was all about the Blackberry and the endless chatter about those indispensable BBM chats. They were a particularly key innovation that added to the device’s status as a must-have tool for busy professionals on the go. Eventually, it became something that everyone wanted and coveted, and other companies such as Samsung and Apple were paying attention.

Now, anyone who has an Android or an iPhone can send messages to anyone else for free and instantaneously so long as the other person or persons have the same phone model. The texts also have the full functionality offered by other social media apps, and you can send GIFs, photos, documents, and so on. This is one excellent and convenient way to send messages without having to rely on social media.

Secure, Encrypted Messaging

It feels that the app wilderness out there offers so many different options and functionalities, from the fun to the informative to the utterly useless that it can be genuinely hard to find something that provides an indispensable service. However, if you look over at https://messente.com/products/global-sms-api, you will find that there are now more sophisticated apps that offer global messaging capabilities amongst individuals that have complete security functions. There are smart solutions that can help with different situations.

For example, if you are an owner of a small business and require a more professional way to share vital information that is not easy for hackers to access, then it might be prudent for you and your team to get an app that steers clear from the traps of social media. This also allows customers to share information after they have procured a product from your business, without being “online” in that way. Besides, it’s a savvy way of sending information such as tracking numbers, keeping customers abreast of the latest financial services on offer, while also providing you with helpful analytics that can see your business grow in no time at all.

Message Completely Incognito

Speaking of sophisticated technology, you can go the further mile with new apps and actually be able to send texts without a WiFi connection or at all. In fact, you can be completely offline and not need any mobile data to get this done. These apps were designed with journalists and political activists in mind – or anyone who works in a field that mandates complete privacy.

As has now become popular knowledge, most of our private information is incredibly vulnerable online, and it has allowed corporations and different governments to become more enmeshed in the daily lives of its citizens. Anyone who wants to have a secure chat with their friends and family, especially those living in certain hotspots across the world can download these apps and be in touch with loved ones without sacrificing their safety.

The companies are the perfect antidote to our current climate of porous information, and they have placed a great deal of emphasis on enhancing security so that your messages remain private. They utilize both WiFi and Bluetooth functionalities to create what is known as a mesh network that allows you to have a particular flow of messages that can then be carried out when you no longer have access to online capabilities.

While we rely on social media platforms a great deal these days, to the extent that it is hard to imagine a life without them, it is completely possible to send messages to people without having to be constantly online, and reachable at all times.

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