How To Find A Safe Anime Streaming Site


Searching for a safe anime streaming site might be more challenging than intended. Perhaps, it’s because the Internet is a scarier place than before. One wrong click and viruses and malware may invade your device, causing you to lose valuable data. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t find safe anime streaming portals. Consider reading the rest of this article to know four ways to help you search for a secure streaming website for your favorite anime content.


A VPN or virtual private network is an online service that allows you to connect to the Internet safely and privately. It’s a tool you can use to access certain websites without the added risk of letting prying eyes capture your information. 

For example, you might find it challenging to access Crunchyroll’s full content because this streaming service isn’t available in your region. If so, you may unblock Crunchyroll with the help of a reputable VPN app. This program allows you to bypass the streaming portal’s geo-restrictions, allowing you to view the site’s content. 

Moreover, the VPN app masks your device’s IP address, a set of numbers that acts as a physical address. Thus, if you use a VPN service, Crunchyroll or other anime streaming portals with geo-restrictions may think you’re browsing their content from another location. As a bonus, hackers may find it more challenging than usual to capture your data since the VPN might lead them in a ‘wild goose chase.’  

Practice Safe Online Browsing

One piece of privacy advice that you should always follow is to practice safe online browsing. You can avoid several cyberattacks if you know you’re about to visit a shady website.

First, it would be best to start practicing mouse hovering. Use this technique to hover over a link before clicking on it. You should see a preview of the destination URL at the bottom of your browser. Here, you can assume whether the anime streaming site or other websites are safe to visit or not. 

As a rule of thumb, stay away from websites with weird-looking URLs. For example, a safe site would generally have readable words on its URL, such as ‘’ But, a shady-looking site may have a URL like ‘’ 

Another way to practice safe browsing is by installing an ad blocker. Note that this method has its pros and cons. One benefit is you can block annoying ads that pop up on certain websites, such as button and banner ads. Hence, you can have a clean, safe anime browsing and streaming experience.

However, online ads tend to be one of the many income streams of online businesses. Hence, if you want to support particularly online business, it can be challenging to achieve this goal without the ads showing up on different sites.

Turn On Private Browsing

Modern browsers tend to have built-in private browsers as part of their core functions. Private browsing, or onion browsing, allows you to surf the Internet while taking advantage of various security layers. You can use features, like encryption keys, to help improve your online anonymity. 

Turning on private browsing allows you to stream anime titles from various websites without letting those sites download cookies. A digital ‘cookie’ is a small piece of data to help websites store information should you return. One excellent use of web cookies is auto-filling forms. For example, logging into a particular site may require to fill out a form each time. But, cookies can remember the inputted information to auto-fill data, reducing the time and effort it takes to log in. 

However, hackers may also take advantage of these cookies to steal your data. Turning on private browsing helps you on your search for a safe anime streaming site without this worry.  

Find Lists To Alternative Streaming Sites

Perhaps, you heard that one of your anime streaming portals shut down. Now, you’re on the lookout for safe alternatives to continue binge-watching your favorite anime titles. 

Remember that your previous anime streaming site might not be the only online portal to let you watch your favorite anime series or movies. Some people might have already compiled a list of safe alternative websites for you to try. Search for these lists, and you may continue streaming from that last episode you watched. 


Use the guidelines mentioned above to help you search for a safe anime streaming site. It would be best if you considered taking the time to search for a secure website to stream your favorite anime titles. Otherwise, being too hasty may lead to several issues, such as downloading malware by accident. 

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