Can You Fix a Broken Solar Panel?


It took 40 years for the U.S. solar panel industry to reach one million installations. A mere three years after hitting that benchmark, they hit two million.

Clearly, the popularity of solar panels is on a meteoric rise. Perhaps you’ve joined the ranks of those who have opted for the green energy source for their abodes.

But there’s a problem with your eco-friendly addition. You’ve found yourself with a broken solar panel, and you want to know if it’s fixable. Don’t panic just yet — here’s what you need to know.

Is a Shattered Solar Panel Fixable? 

There’s good news — even if your solar panel shatters, you can probably still salvage the technology that makes it tick.

The glass on the front of your solar panel isn’t what soaks up the sun’s energy. They’re built to break with minimal damage — glue keeps the pieces relatively intact so they don’t mess up the panel’s inner-workings.

Behind the glass are the solar cells, which convert the sun’s rays into usable energy. If only a small part of the glass is cracked, you’ll just have to re-waterproof the exterior of the panel to get it working again. Some have used epoxy to do this.

Now, let’s say a large stretch of your solar panel has cracked. This is where things get trickier. You might not be able to simply waterproof the exterior and keep it moving — you might need the help of a professional from or another solar energy company.

They can come and repair the compromised surface of your solar panel so that it works just as well as it did before. Even if you have a small break but don’t trust your repair skills, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask a pro for help.

On that note, even if your solar panels don’t shatter, they will definitely accumulate microcracks over time. If you notice these starting to appear, it’s perfectly normal. Check your warranty to see if you can have them fixed — some will cover the repair if the microcracks affect the function of your panels.

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What About Lightning? 

Lightning damage is pretty common with solar panels. This is especially true if you install them near high trees, which attract bolts, too.

If your lightning bolt gets hit by lightning, you can’t do anything to fix it yourself. Here, your best and only option is to ask a professional to check out your singed panel. They may be able to salvage it, but it may also need a replacement.

Fix a Broken Solar Panel and Enjoy Green Energy

Your broken solar panel reduces the entire system’s capacity. So, keep an eye out for damage, and repair it as soon as possible to keep everything in working order. That way, you get all of the green energy you want — and you protect the earth while you do it.

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