Generating Leads For Builders


If you are a builder looking for leads, then you may find the following ideas useful when marketing your tradie business.

Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows are the ideal place to promote your business because they will be geared towards your particular specialty. There is the potential for a lot of customers to be at one of these events.

You may also be able to find a market-specific trade show that you could attend. If there is a certain aspect of building work that you concentrate on, then attending this show means you will be connecting with customers that are looking for the specific services that you offer.

When you attend the event make sure that your booth is unique so that it remains memorable. You should also have a good supply of business cards to be able to hand out.

Encourage Existing Customers To Make Referrals

When people need building work done, there is a good chance that they will ask their friends and family for any recommendations. Therefore, if your existing customer are recommending you then new customers will be headed your way.

You should ensure that everything is completed to your customers’ satisfaction so that they are more likely to recommend your services to others. If you make the extra effort for your customers then you are more likely to make a lasting impression

You could also offer a referral program where you reward any customers that recommend your services to others.

Get A Website

More and more potential customers are searching and researching for goods and services online before they make a purchase. This is true even for offline sales (like builders). Customers want to find out what the business’ reputation is like and read reviews before even contacting a business. If you have a website you can publish information about your business and the services that it offers. Customers that are looking for your services can then read about what you have to offer and make a decision to contact you and find out more.

Get Listed on Google My Business

A listing on Google My Business is a great way to get local customers. Google My Business is often shown to people searching google in a local area. It is free to sign up.

List Your Business On A Directory Site

List your business can be listed on a local or national directory site. Listing your builder business on a directory can have a range of benefits. These are also resources that people commonly use when they are looking for a builder. If people are able to find your business here, then this will give you some good leads.

A business listing on a relevant directory can also help your Google My Listing get found in the searches. Directory listings with your business details tell google and other search engines that your Google My Business detail are more likely to be correct and that they should show your business to potential customers.

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