Grammarly Review – What You Need To Know


As an aspiring Blogger, and article writer I found myself stuck with grammar and spelling mistakes I didn’t know how to fix. Many times I had to go and ask my friends for help editing my articles.

While my friends are great and always insisted that’s not a problem, I felt that I am causing them trouble for no reason, and also I hated the fact that I was so dependent on them. That’s why I started looking for a good grammar tool and eventually a grammarly review.

When I didn’t mange to find something that will satisfy my doubting mind, I decided to take the seven days free trial and do a grammarly review myself.

What Is Grammarly?

When I started using grammarly and getting ready to write my grammarly review, I was sure grammarly is just one more grammar and spelling check software, but it didn’t take me long to find out that it’s so much more.

Grammarly is a grammar checker tool that offers many other options some of them are:

  • Plagiarism check to make sure that you are writing an original piece of content and not adding by mistake any copied information.
  • Article style – when writing for different places you got different styles and grammarly got 6 different style from casual to academic.
  • Context optimized synonyms make sure you are more understood.
  • Adaptive spell checker – I generally tend to misspell words like too and two or aldo/although and usually most grammar checkers are not capable of catching those mistakes.
  • As you can see, there are numerus, options but let’s keep going to the really grammarly review.

What I Like in Grammarly

While doing this grammarly review I have tested grammarly with some articles, and I found a few things I just really liked about it.

The way grammarly fixes my misplaced words, for example, I wrote, “boat me and my friend” and grammarly caught up to that and fixed it to both; I know from experience that most grammar checkers will just leave that as an ok sentence because it has no spelling mistake in it.

When writing an article for my blogs, I was surprised that the plagiarism check discovered I had two sentences that were considered copied especially because I had just written it, but I guess great minds think alike, and so I changed those sentences and got a full 100% unique article for my blog the way google loves.

I like the fact that I know that after I’m done editing the article using grammarly I can be 99.99% sure that the article is ready to be sent to my customer or blog and google and who ever reads it will enjoy the article, as you now enjoy reading this grammarly review.

Grammarly Review – What I Diden’t Like

Writing this grammarly review was not all sweet, in the beginning, I found the interface of grammarly a bit confusing and kept checking my articles on an academic level instead of casual tock me about three articles to realize I’m doing it wrong.

I also found that fixing my articles takes me a lot of time in the beginning usually it took me between 5-30 minutes per article, and I was kind of bummed out because of that, but I do have a lot of spelling mistakes, and it is the same amount of time my friends needed when editing my articles. If you are planning to but this awesome tool I can provide you latest grammarly coupon.

Over delivering, sometimes it just felt that there was so much information on my mistakes when in truth, I didn’t want to know why I made the mistake, I only wanted to fix it, I can see the positive in this, but I must say that during this grammarly review I found this a tad annoying.

Overall Thoughts:

I enjoyed doing this grammarly review a lot, and although I feel that the grammarly program got some problems, but I believe it will be one of my main tools from this day forward as it gives me freedom to edit my articles and make sure they are readable and will be accepted by many article directories and customers who require the highest quality articles and information. If you enjoyed this grammarly review, and you want to get grammarly click the link below.

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