Graphic Tools for Better Digital Brand Presence

In a world that is rapidly digitalising, social media and a screen are not mere sources of entertainment any more. The digital arena has become increasingly important for marketing and commerce. It is very important for brands to engage with their customers on these platforms. The necessary approaches often include interaction, keeping the consumers engaged, and widening the target groups.

To achieve larger and more active traffic on your digital platform, you may require a  professional digital artist who can create your brand’s digital image. However, there are also several tools available in the market which enable you to create this image without having to go for exclusive artists. This includes tools like InVideo where a basic digital team can work towards creating a brand image to gain an audience.

Marketing as a tool works on the basis of impressing your consumer, enough for them to buy the idea you’re trying to sell. Engaging visuals are a very important part of this. Certain visuals are scientifically proven to keep the human mind focused or relaxed. The aesthetics of your brand’s digital image needs to be customised accordingly. As for the medium through which you can start creating and sharing your digital image, here are a few points that you must keep in mind when you want to brand yourself digitally:

  1. Photos: With platforms such as Instagram turning into buzzing hubs for businesses to grow big, photos play a huge role.
  • From posting on your feed to posting on your stories, every photo must speak a thousand words.
  • Hence, the use of high-quality pictures is a must! With that, the use of a photo editing software to augment certain aspects of the picture is also important.
  • From different apps on your phone to paid software on your PC, the most basic parts of editing your photos depends on the theme you choose for your product/idea.
  • Matching your products to the kind of editing you do matters a lot. For example, using brighter filters for a theme that represents happiness and a bolder filter for a theme that represents intensity.
  1. Videos: Videos are, in simple words, montages of moving images that can run for any length of time. From ten seconds on an Instagram story to over an hour on YouTube, you can create as many videos as you like in order to grow your business.

A free Youtube video editor is an option when it comes to this. One of the most incomparable services that you can get for this task is that of InVideo.

  • Not only is it an online video editor but it also caters to the need of every single platform you want to us
  • From making Instagram stories to being a slideshow video maker, InVideo has it all.
  • Inbuilt templates and suggestions help you create an appealing video, GIF or slideshow that is sure to garner the kind of attention you require from your audience!
  1. Text: It is important to create content that is accurate and engaging at the same time.
  • Along with visual treats, the audience requires information about the topic at hand.
  • The precise usage of grammar, usage of trendy terms, addressing the reader, etc. become very important.
  • The fonts, sizes and designing of these texts also need to be appealing and must match the message that is to be conveyed.
  • No tools or software are required for this; however, the presence of a copywriter is the essence.
  • Resources such as, thesaurus or even researching apt trends on social media can help create the perfect text to catch the attention you want.
  1. Engagement tools: Instagram and Facebook offer tools such as live videos, polls, questions and answers, and even countdowns!
  • These tools usually consist of a call for action from the consumer, which in turn makes them feel included.
  • They’re often used for businesses to conduct informal surveys or to understand feedback from consumers and make them feel involved in the branding process.
  • Platforms such as Twitter allow the businesses to directly chat with consumers and prove how effective their customer support really is.
  • Recently, many international companies have taken to Twitter to show how active and up to date they are with the current trends.
  1. Templates: One of the final basic rules of designing and visual appeal is uniformity.
  • Your business usually has a calling that stands true to itself.
  • The uniqueness and beauty of what is originally yours have the power to define you.
  • If you associate your brand to a certain type of design, colour or theme, it is bound to have an impact on the consumer, and that is essentially the goal of marketing.
  • This can be achieved with the creation of templates for different platforms. Posts, stories and tweets should represent your brand and identity in a way that even if it is reshared by someone outside the organization, it can easily be traced back to you.

Hence, the value of what you offer to consumers will drastically increase with the clarity of how you represent yourself. To achieve this clarity, you must keep in mind the aforementioned factors while also exploring and advertising the true nature of your brand.

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