Hand Tools That You Need in Your Tool Box


A tool kit includes an assortment of handheld tools and their corresponding accessories. Arm yourself with the right tools to successfully tackle minor repairs without the need for professional intervention. A well-equipped toolbox is a handy asset which, when assembled thoughtfully, serves generations to come.

Should you feel you have all the necessary hand tools required on an ongoing basis, there are many more here that prove useful. The basic ground rules to follow in your attempt to build on your tool collection include:

  • Invest in quality implements that are sturdy and guaranteed to last a lifetime
  • Rely on reputed manufacturers and dealers to source your hand tools
  • Bit by bit, add to your assortment of tools instead of buying them all in one go

Whether you need to tighten something around your home or fix leaking stuff, you can be self-reliant when you have the requisite tools at hand. Ensure you store all these implements safely in your toolbox. By doing so, you do not waste time searching for the necessary equipment when a need arises to use them.

Suggested here are essential hand tools which you must attempt to equip your toolbox with:

Claw Hammer

A solid, good quality hammer enables you to drive nails in as well as pull them out with ease and accuracy. Purchase one that is not too heavy to hold and preferably without a wooden handle that is likely to break. An evenly balanced hammer uniformly distributes its weight across the tool, which makes it the perfect choice.

Flathead Screwdriver

These have a single slot in their base from where a flathead blade juts out. Besides tightening objects and opening gadgets to remove batteries, you can also use them innovatively. Flathead screwdrivers help in light prying, picking, scraping, and more.

Crescent Wrench

A crescent wrench firmly holds different sized bolts and nuts to loosen or tighten as the situation demands. This tool has a sliding jaw, which facilitates an adjustable width. More here are available to sift through as you finalize the handiest tools you want to acquire.

Needle Nose Pliers

Should you need to cut, grip, bend, reposition, or strip a wire, these pliers are your go-to tool. Their long and skinny frame enables you to access even the smallest cavity smoothly. You can achieve electrical repairs with this useful implement equipped with rubber handles for a firmer grip.

Cordless Drill

In the absence of a long cord, this lightweight, cordless variety reduces safety concerns. Twelve volts is the ideal power you need your drill to have, using which you can complete routine jobs at home. Cordless drills that work at multiple speeds include two rechargeable batteries and a reversible feature, serve many purposes.

Utility Knife

The super sharp blade of your utility knife effortlessly cuts and scrapes as you go about carrying out odd jobs. This essential item will never gather dust in your toolbox as it is a much in demand implement. With it, you can trim or cut any light object which needs to be perfectly sliced besides using it as a box opener.

High standard hand tools are what a leading online supplier provides you considering their association with renowned brands. Stock your toolbox with only the best implements.

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