Housemates Bitcoin Quizzes

Let us tell you that as many as eighteen wives of Nigeria participated in a bitcoin quiz for their own benefits, each participant received $500 BTC, so you can be a participant. Just a few days ago, the housewives participated in the BBN in-house quiz segment functions in which they got a good reward, took part in a few such activities and tested bitcoin only in a funny joke, in which they received a good sum as a reward.

A local media report clearly stated that some housewives participated in a quiz run by bitcoin, where “the householders had to answer such questions, how the price of bitcoin is determined? “What is a bitcoin wallet and how does it work? With them who live with family members or housemates, they also asked for the name of the top five major cryptocurrencies and asked to draw sketches that refer to a bitcoin wallet.

While clause sponsors Patricia, which runs in the cube, is considered a big popular one, after announcing all the domestic winners in this quiz, every participant was happy to see the $500 BTC BBN’s card in partnership with Patricia, he was happy because the reward was great.

Those willing to be a winner of the cryptocurrency, where people have an idea of the value of bitcoin and know how to invest well, such quiz programs are there, the program is considered to be a representative of one of the important steps to raise awareness of Nigeria’s efforts.

This country is already the largest cryptocurrency market in Africa, as seen from a trading perspective, a good thing is that business is perceived as a first against the nearest rival, the peer – to – peer trading platform, the people of this country enjoy the work, and the majority of Africans invest in bitcoin, while more than 50% of African’s most popular countries contribute to bitcoin wallet trading.

The most Cryptocurrencies in the world, the bitcoin wallet is used in this same country, which is a better thing. The blockchain technology association of Nigeria, the task of the team was that they are one of the people who share the belief that you can invest in bitcoin without any difficulty.

Here’s what some observers engaged in Nigeria believe that BBN is used to woo new users in bitcoins. What we’re talking about is when yen BBN, it starts pointing to a huge reach. Because he’s optimistic in doing and presenting bitcoin quizzes. It had gathered a total of 240 million votes in BBN last season. If you want to invest in bitcoins you can visit

Let us tell you that it collected 50 million votes alone in the last week, and it took a leading number of its program. BBN In his comments on the impressive number of the show, when said that it was an army of your Nigeria, which could serve as many as a million in the strength of the youth. Let us tell you that this business had the cooperation of youth, which led to its extensive development.

He said this “is a show that helps millions of young people in Nigeria to provide a job. There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies make them a better place tomorrow. They are curious about cryptocurrencies, but they don’t know anything about them. They say that I’m looking at Google for rising bitcoin in Nigeria, he says you’re worth going to be employed. Here, of course, the big brother Nigeria quiz contest collaborates in promoting cryptocurrency awareness.

It is believed that when we consider that mainstream media never had air programs or made cryptocurrencies, then Patricia offers clear sponsors to this quiz competition, took this approach into a grand way, and did full support. It not only showcased its brand to millions of viewers but also contributed to the awareness of crypto concerns among the audience, which will certainly impact.

We tell you that ihenyen is the imagination, “competitive cryptocurrency activities are being involved in one form or another, they can promote taking cryptocurrency.”

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