How Can HR Software Provide Communication Benefits to Businesses?


During this time, communication between businesses and their employees is imperative to ensure the survival of the organization. With COVID-19 increasing numbers of those working from home, it is crucial to keep everyone informed and up-to-date while remote.

One of the best ways to increase communication efficiency is with the use of HR software. While many businesses may already use this to manage payroll, absences and storage of sensitive data such as client ID, there are even more ways it can be utilised to help improve communication across the organisation.

Below, we take a look exactly how cloud HR software can provide communication benefits across any manner of business around the world.

1.  Ensure Compliance

Rules and regulations are constantly changing within many sectors and all staff members must be kept informed and updated, not just for their knowledge and progression, but also to alleviate the risk of fines, poor customer service and soiled business reputation. This should always be a high priority for any HR professional.

With so many working from home, training in these new regulations can be a tricky task, no longer can large numbers of employees gather in one room and video calling can fall victim to faulty connections which can lead to vital information being missed by individuals.

One of the great HR software benefits is the ability to relay this information and track those who have opened this. There are even options available to request readers to digitally sign that they have read and understood this data, meaning there will be no confusion over who was aware in the future.

2.  Create Channels

There is nothing more annoying than being cc’d into a company-wide email that holds no relevance to the recipient, especially if there are multiple ‘reply all’ responses. This leads to employees ignoring their inbox and potentially missing something important.

Online HRM software can allow channels to be made within relevant teams to speak and share information. This can help in very large organisations where perhaps directors may not have an exact understanding of teams, this way they can quickly message those who are relevant and prevent others from having their inboxes filling up.

3.  Protect Sensitive Data

Every business has sensitive data stored, whether this is employee bank details, confidential client information or reports on employee performance.

Storing these on company computers can pose the risk that the wrongs eyes see it and this could lead to GDPR breaches.

Emails with these attachments can also be easily intercepted by hackers and pose the risk of this data being compromised.

At the same time, paper copies may seem more secure locked away in a filing cabinet, but with only one copy available and most working from home, it can delay proceedings throughout the company.

As each HRM software platform allows individuals their secure login, it means that only those with prior authority will have access to sensitive information.

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4.  Instant File Sharing & Security

Files of any aspect can be shared with HR systems. Now that employees are working remotely, files can be shared instantly and from any location between colleagues.

As everything is stored on the cloud, online HR software provides the ability to share files, edit in real-time, all while safely storing this in external servers.

This means if a work computer is lost, stolen or damaged, these files can still be accessed and precious man-hours won’t be wasted having to repeat what was already done.

5.  Record Employee Progression

Every good manager knows the importance of setting individual goals for employees, not only does this help the business but also provides a great way for staff to progress within the company as quickly as possible.

Regular meetings with individuals is a great way of doing this, but these goals need to be put into practice and recorded somewhere easily accessible.

Managers can record all the agreed objectives in one place with the use of HR software, meaning all parties can refer to this at any one time.

Progression towards these goals can be monitored and allow employees to see how far they have come. At the same time, managers can track this progress and step-in if they believe the individual needs support in any aspect.

This removes the need for an employee to reach out for help, something that not all people are comfortable with, especially if they feel the need to ‘prove’ themselves while working from home.

These are just a few of the hr software benefits that are helping businesses around the world during the pandemic and many are seeing those benefits come to fruition. They will continue to communicate this way even after COVID-19 has been eradicated.

HR software is also helping companies communicate with all parties during the onboarding process, from recruiters, candidates and successful interviewees.

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