How startups help in creating job opportunities for youth in India


Takeaway: As we are proceeding ahead in the corporate world, we can see a considerable rise in startup culture in recent times. Startup jobs in India have given employment opportunities to many individuals. 


Youth vs. India’s employment status.

When we look at India’s age group population, it’s clear that youth contributes to that large amount of it in the chart. As per India’s census 2011, youth contributes to one-fifth of the total population, nearly 19.1%.

So, in a country where the upcoming generation needs employment opportunities, we need to think substantially about the youth’s sustainable development.

Here the question arises, how can we increase employment for the upcoming generations? It can be either done by increasing the existing jobs’ positions, but that can’t be a feasible option for everyone as the positions are already designed according to the jobs. Or, it can be done by creating more job opportunities. Creating more job opportunities requires proper planning and implementation of businesses. 

Our country is also known as a youth nation, and as our Prime Minister has mentioned, we need to empower the youth as they are the most valuable assets. So, here the answer to the question can be- uplifting and empowering the startups. 

You must have read or listened to many startup stories in which they tell the people how they started their work with just an idea and later converted into a company having a huge turnover in millions!


Chandigarh – The upcoming Silicon Valley of India.

Chandigarh, the capital of Haryana and Punjab, has seen an enormous rise in startup opportunities. It is also said that after a decade or so, the city can be called the “Silicon Valley of India.”

The IT park in the city, which is the home to many renowned companies like Infosys, Dell, etc., has contributed to the city!

The city also has many coworking spaces like BiggBang and Next57. Coworking spaces provide a perfect workspace to many individuals because of the ideal holistic and unique environment.


How startups create employment opportunities for youth.

Prime minister Modi addressed the youth on the 71st independence day “We are nurturing our youth to become job-creators, rather than becoming job-seekers.”

As India moves to ‘New India’ in 2022 as expected by the government, pucca housing promises, double the money for agricultural workers, access to electricity, health care, sanitation, and education – are focused on job creation and investment Indian economy. While the need to make India’s business gain momentum through programs such as StartUp India, Digital India, and access to MUDRA banks, the fact is that the India brand is yet to take a flight.

Let’s talk about the figures.

India’s small population is very different from other major economies such as China, the US, and Europe, Morgan Morganley reported. Bloomberg’s analysis reveals that India’s growing millennium population is expected to surpass China and the United States. “India’s working population is expected to grow to 18.6 percent of the global workforce by 2027, up from 18 percent this year. The number of Chinese people aged 15 to 64 will drop by 21 million to 989.4 million. In India, this figure is expected to exceed one million. ”

While the figure of one billion is alarming, it provides an opportunity for the country’s workers to pursue business. A survey by international labor company Randstad noted: “Of the 400 employees interviewed in India, 56 percent are considering resigning to start their own business.” This was the highest percentage in the world, and the study was conducted in 33 countries. A survey revealed that 83 percent of India’s employees “would like to be an entrepreneur” compared to a global average of 53 percent. According to Nasscom, India’s image as a start-up nation is growing and is currently proud to have the third-largest launch base in the world at an estimated 10 500 startups by 2020. billion and more, have managed to increase the interest of entrepreneurs in the next generation.

These were a few insights on the startup vs. the employment opportunities in India.


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