How to Motivate Employees

In this article, we talk about how to motivate employees and whether it is worth doing it at all. Employee motivation is the key to good sales? The manager of one store really wanted his salespeople to say when parting with their customers: “We were glad to see you, come to us again!”. It would seem that what could be easier – to instill in the seller the habit of expressing politeness at the end of a successful sale? However, in reality, everything turned out to be not so easy. Office hoteling software can also assist in motivating the workers.

The salespeople simply forgot to say the phrase that the manager so wanted to hear from them. Or wanted customers to hear it at the end of their purchase. “Politeness that increases loyalty – more will come to you! It’s in your best interest! ” – the manager said to his subordinates and hoped for a result. However, the verbal motivation of the employees did not work – they continued to forget the necessary thing: “… come to us again!”.

The manager did not despair, he introduced a system of bonuses and rewards for his sellers. Each of them claimed the award as a result of courteous communication and courteous farewell aimed at re-sale in the near future. The sellers stubbornly refused to obey, and the prizes flowed away from them. The phrase “We were glad to see you, come to us again!” rarely heard.

Hardworking and meticulous, the manager has tried everything. He introduced checklists, regulations for communicating with clients, fined, shouted and persuaded. No result. The sellers were just busy with other things, and when it came to the cherished phrase, they did not say it, because they exhaled with relief after the sale took place and shifted the focus to the next. There were fewer and fewer repeat sales.

The lesson of good sales

Everything changed when the manager, out of personal need, went to a competitor’s store. He bought the goods he needed and as he left he heard from the employee: “We were glad to see you, we are waiting for you again!”. The manager was literally deployed on the spot. He quickly returned to the employee, asked to call the store manager and began to ask him about how he managed to teach the employees to speak correctly. The manager of a competing store looked at him in surprise: “I didn’t teach them, I just didn’t recruit those who don’t know how to talk politely with customers.”

The secret turned out to be simple: there is no need to spend energy, time and money on additional motivation of employees who do not want to improve in things that are obvious to their profession. We need to better approach the management of recruiting new employees and hire only those who, without unnecessary reminders, will be polite and courteous with the client, not forgetting to say: “We will see you again” and many other phrases that are appropriate in communicating with customers.

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Motivating employees is a necessary process. But only when there is someone to motivate, and the problems of the behavior and work of staff may not be at all in motivation. If the person does not have polite skills, it is best to hire someone who has them. If a problem is not resolved for a long time, then perhaps you should look for its causes in another. So, it is better to pay attention to the selection of professional personnel than to motivate amateurs.

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