How to top-class 12 boards exam

How to top-class 12 boards exam

Class 12th board examination is very crucial for every student. It is an important milestone in your academic records. Scoring well in the 12th board exam is very important as this will be your gateway to the future career path. Some tips to top in your class 12th board exam are:

  • The first tip is to draft a strategic plan for yourself. Everything works well if it is planned well. Before starting your preparation have a good and realistic plan in your mind. Before drawing this plan do the necessary background research. Now this research will comprise of understanding the syllabus, how many sections or topics are there. Go through the CBSE Syllabus 2021-22. Mark out the important topics which you will be able to figure out only after having a look at the previous year’s papers. List down all the topics which you see are being repeated. Now plan your day accordingly, give more time to the topics which are at the top of the list. Plan your day in such a way that you are devoting time to every subject nothing should be neglected. One important tip here is to start with the difficult subjects in the morning because you have a fresh mind at that time. It will be beneficial to take up the difficult subjects at the beginning of the day. Your daily schedule should be realistic in the sense that you can practically follow it. Do not plan something which is too idealistic.

  • Start early with your preparation. A lot of students wait for the last few months to start with the preparation. Do not commit this mistake. To score well in the board exams you should be consistent throughout the year. Start your preparation from day 1. The last months should be kept for just revision and practice.

  • Do not take the NCERTs lightly. A lot of students think that there has to be some magical book or resource to top the board examinations. There is n number of books and guides available in the market for class 12th board examinations. The only book which you require to be the topper is the NCERT book. The 12th board exam is not a competitive examination, it has a very defined syllabus and in line with it is the prescribed NCERT books. Just stick to these. Even if you go and ask the previous year’s toppers or your own seniors who performed well in the exam, they will suggest you keep your resource-limited to the NCERT. NCERT is your key to success. Do not skip anything from the book. Read it thoroughly, covering everything, from the tables to the diagrams, the pictures, and other aspects. Try and do multiple readings of the NCERT books. They will help you get a crystal clear understanding of the concepts. NCERT books will be your guiding light. And yes to date in the history of board examination, nothing has been asked out of the syllabus, so please do not run for other books or sources.

  • A very common attitude among the students is to ignore the English subject. All the streams have different subjects ranging from Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Accounts, Economics, History, Political Science and so on. One subject which is common to all the streams is English or any other language. Do not ignore this. The English subject is a scoring one if you invest consistent time in it. There are a lot of students who have to suffer in terms of a low percentage due to fewer marks in English. It is advised to practice half an hour every day for English. Writing skills are something that needs practice. So you can make a rule of writing 1 formal letter or 1 report every day. This will help you to complete your English subject simultaneously with all the other subjects.

  • Note-making is another crucial tip to score well. Try and maintain separate notebooks for the subjects and make notes for every topic. Try to keep your notes concise and do not write long paras. Use flow charts and diagrams to make your notes look more attractive. Never try and study from notes prepared by someone else. Handwritten notes prepared by you are the best for your revision.

  • Revision is very important for you. Make sure that whatever you are studying you are regularly revising it. in your daily schedule have some time for the revision of the previous topics. During your revision, try and read all the notes you prepared. Practice as many questions as you can. While revising makes sure you can recall the concepts.

  • The model test papers and the previous year’s question papers are very important. Do not go for your board exam without solving these. They are very important because they will make you feel like you are giving your board examination. This is a very important formula to ensure a good score in the final board exams. Try and solve at least 10 previous year’s papers. While solving do not jump on to see the answers. first, solve the paper and then check the answer key. With this, you can reflect on your weak areas and see that where you are lacking. Also, there have been instances where the board has asked similar questions for the upcoming exam, in this situation you will have a bonanza if you have solved the previous year’s papers. Students often don’t take the school model tests seriously. These test papers are for your benefit only, to train you for the final day. You can use these tests to analyze how your performance graph is going and how much improvement you can attain.

  • The last tip is to eat healthily and have a good sleeping pattern. Fitness is important to perform well in any exam. Try to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Some quick tips for answer writing:

  • Make sure you are drawing margins before starting the answer writing. It will help you to have a neat and clean answer sheet. Avoid multiple cuttings and overwriting.

  • Always attempt the question paper in the given order. Jumbling the questions makes the task of evaluating quite tough and complicated.

  • Use graphs and visual illustrations to make your answer sheet more presentable and interesting. Visual representation is good for catching someone’s attention. Use diagrams and flow charts if possible.

  • Highlight the keywords or phrases in your answer so that it becomes easy for the examiner to spot them.

  • Always revise your answer sheet at the end of the exam.

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