Top Gadgets to Improve Effectiveness at Work


Being both effective and efficient in work is really important because it improves productivity in the workplace. But first, let us differentiate effective vs efficient. Effectiveness at work means doing your activities correctly, completing objectives, doing the right tasks, and achieving your goals How is it different from efficiency? Efficiency is about doing your work in an optimal way. Meaning doing tasks or objectives right in the fastest way possible.

There are multiple ways and different strategies on how to become more effective at work. But in this article, we will be talking about gadgets that can help you improve effectiveness at work.

Portable Scanner

Say goodbye to bulky printers with scanners. Those kinds of printers take so much space in your office or your desk. It is not ideal if you have limited desk space or office space. A portable scanner is not more than 10 inches in length; it is so small you can store it inside a drawer when not in use. It can scan documents up to 8.5” x 72”. It can be used to scan documents, business cards, id cards, receipts, etc. It is so lightweight that if you need it home you can easily bring it with you.

Wireless Charger

A wireless charger on your desk keeps your phone charged when not in use. How many times has your phone died when you need to use it? This gadget will prevent it from happening. This also eliminated clutter from your desk because there are no cables. Dangling around.

Smart Monitor Stand

A smart monitor stand lifts your monitor up off your desktop freeing up some space underneath that you can use as extra storage. Also raising your desktop to the proper level can prevent neck strain or back pain. Aside from the ergonomic function, it is also equipped with USB connections which you can use to charge your gadgets. It is highly convenient because you have a charging station within your reach.

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Monitor Light Bar

A monitor light bar can brighten up the monitor in your workspace for easier reading without having to boost the brightness in the monitor itself, which can hurt your eyes. This can help you use your computer for hours without straining your eyes. It will not take any space on your desk as it is positioned on top of the monitor.

Smart Speakers

A smart speaker is basically a virtual assistant. A smart speaker can either connect to Alexa or Google Assistant. There are multiple speakers to choose from in the market. To get the right one for you first choose which voice assistant you prefer and then check the speakers that can connect to that voice assistant.

Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones/Earphones

A lot of things can distract you at work and one of those things is noise. If that is a problem for you then a noise-canceling headphone is the one for you. This can also help if you want to listen to music without bothering anyone else. Also useful during conference calls. The Bluetooth functionality can really be helpful if you hate dealing with cables. It also adds to the portability function as it is easy to carry. This comes in a range of options from cheap to expensive ones. You can easily find one that will suit your needs.

Smart Clock

Whether you use this as a desk gadget or for your bedside it is really useful. You can link your phone to it so you can use it as an alarm clock. You can also view your calendar, your to-do-list, or reminders to keep you on track with what you have to do for the day. You can also hook it up with Spotify or whatever listening platform you use to use it as a media player or controller.

Innovation in tech has really changed how we do things at work. Tech is ever-evolving and taking advantage of it can help with our effectiveness. Thanks to the smart features that provide us convenient solutions. Make sure to check out the gadgets in the list. It can be the smallest change in your workstation but it can improve the way you do things drastically.

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