5 Ways To Embrace Innovation For Your Catering Business


The catering industry has come a long way in the last couple of years. From being on the verge of a shutdown when the pandemic first hit to resurging in the new normal, the journey has been a remarkable one. Most businesses have managed to survive and thrive despite the challenges because they picked the right tech tools on time. But if you think you already have it all, get your facts right. You can do much more when it comes to embracing innovation. Consider going the extra mile with technology to take your products, services, and customer experience to the next level. Here are some ideas you can embrace.

Facilitate online ordering

Pandemic or no pandemic, online ordering and delivery are a booming trend these days. You can implement the ghost kitchen model to enhance your income and grow your audience base. Consider investing in your own website and app if you have a big budget. Businesses running on a tight budget can facilitate online ordering through an aggregator. Either way, you can push your revenues significantly.

Invest in a digital presence

Building a digital presence is another way to leverage technology to take your catering business to the next level. It is easier than ever, as you can extend your reach by listing your service on Google. Encourage customers to share positive reviews to get better with your reputation. A presence on Google Maps makes your outlet more visible, and eventually, pushes your foot traffic. Consolidating your social media presence through community platforms, influencers, and food bloggers is also a good idea.

Consolidate trust with nutrition labels

Food patrons are more conscious than ever, and they want to dig deeper to understand every dish they try. Caterers can consolidate trust by providing detailed nutrition labels for their products. But the calculations and numbers can get overwhelming. However, you can create your own nutrition labels with this software solution. It offers information as accurately as original laboratory analysis but is far quicker and more affordable. The solution even enables your chefs to experiment with dishes and create a mix of taste and nutrition.

Know your customers better

Like any other industry, the catering domain also thrives on knowing the customers better. You can follow past orders and understand the preferences of individual customers. The information offers valuable insights to personalize the future experiences of the buyers. You can target them with relevant recommendations and offers, increasing order values and satisfaction rates. The approach also helps with upselling and cross-selling your products.

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Go touchless with POS integration

Growing your catering business requires you to keep pace with the touchless trend. All you need to do is integrate a POS solution into your operations. It enables you to accept payment in any mode other than cash, whether you serve in-restaurant, provide on the curbside, or deliver at home. Besides facilitating touchless payments, POS integration also fine-tunes billing and reporting processes.

Going high-tech with your catering business is easier than you think. Just follow these tips, and you can get the advantages of digital innovation in the new normal.

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