iPhone Accessories: The Essential & the Unnecessary


With loyal iPhone users comes their loyalty to the smartphone accessories to enhance the Apple experience. While there are tons of gadgets and accessories that support better user experience, there are many that are simply a waste of money.

Price and quality are two major factors that distinguish iPhones from other smartphones. While Apple promises the best technology, the high price tag can be a deterrent. Let’s take a look at which iPhone accessories are worth the investment and which are best skipped.

Must-Have iPhone Accessories

1. Cases and Covers

Apple users spend a lot on their phones. Along with the initial investment, they invest in high-quality, shock-absorbing cases to protect their iPhones. These safety cases are designed to protect the phone’s screen from shattering if you drop it.

Some iPhone users also buy covers made from leather or other lightweight materials like silicone, usually to give the phone a fresh, unique, and personal look. That being said, covers are essential accessories for Apple users since it protects the phone from water, dust, and damage. The iPhone leash is also a good addition that ensures a secure grip on the phone. While covers shield the phone from scratches, a leash will prevent the accident.

2. Lightning Cables

Fiber lightning cables have a wide diameter and offer fast-charging options. These cables are very flexible which makes them durable and resistant to breakage. What’s more, these lightning cables cost between $10 and $20 so they’re cheaper than buying a new Apple charger.

3. Expandable Memory Drives

Even if you land one of the best iPhone deals, storage is always an issue with any smartphone. While running out of storage is a nightmare, deleting memories, files or apps to clear space is an even bigger challenge. Storage space is a particularly common issue for iPhone users.

A good solution for iPhone users is an expandable memory drive that can expand your phone’s storage capacity by up to 1 TB. SanDisk, GeekGo, and Netac are popular and reliable brands as well as being iOS-compatible.

4. Portable Power Banks

Although iPhones have an impressive battery life, it does run out at some point. Given the countless background apps that are used daily, it is difficult to avoid battery drainage. Portable battery packs are the perfect solution to this problem.

Portable power banks are not just great for daily usage, but also a boon for travelers. They are compact, light, and can fit into a small bag to take with you wherever you go. These efficient gadgets allow more than one phone to be charged multiple times in a single-use. Thus, these are essential for any iPhone user who wants their phone to be charged at all times.

5. Apple Watch

Among the more expensive Apple accessories, the Apple Watch is one of the smartest watches in the tech market. It is an excellent accessory for gadget-lovers, offering an array of exciting and handy features. The Apple Watch can control everything from your heart rate to your sleep cycle. You can listen to music, take calls, track your run, and even get pro-training advice from expert Nike trainers. Therefore, as pricey as it is, an Apple Watch is worth the investment!

Unnecessary iPhone Accessories

1. AirPods Pro

It’s true that AirPods Pro are great headphones with superior noise cancellation, bass, and quality. However, priced at a whopping $249, these headphones are definitely a luxury rather than an essential accessory. On the other hand, Samsung, JBL, Noise, and Bose make wireless ear buds that are high-quality but much more affordable than the AirPods Pro. So our advice is to check out the options from one of these brands!

2. Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers might sound fancy and convenient but are generally a waste of money, with exorbitant price tags starting at $80 and going up from there. This makes them very expensive compared to regular USB cables and are quite unnecessary. iPhones generally have a long battery life making wireless chargers unnecessary. It makes much more sense to opt for the much more affordable, lightweight power banks.

3. Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil looks incredibly stylish, we’ll give it that. However, unless you are a professional artist, there it honestly has no practical use. There are many options for average-priced styluses that will meet your writing and drawing needs. For most users, an overrated $129 stylus is an extravagant and non-essential purchase.

4. iPhone Camera Lens Kits

iPhone users already have the advantage of a top-notch camera, making expensive lens kits to enhance their camera zoom and other features futile and over-the-top. These lens kits are really unnecessary: the iPhone camera is perfectly suitable for regular use. If you need professional-level shots you should invest in a professional DLSR camera.

Summing Up

There are tons of accessories available for iPhone users and many are reasonably affordable. However, there is no doubt that many iPhone accessories that are unnecessary and exorbitant. So, it’s wiser to settle for the essential accessories and give the extravagant ones a miss!

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