How to Keep Backup data secure


Backups are essential to protect the data. It is essential to keep them available and secure, catering to their needs. It is critical to keep local data backups easily accessible. It plays an integral role in enhancing control over the data.

During the ransomware and malware attacks, the local backups prevent the expensive ransom. Mishandled local data can lead to data braches. It is recommended to adopt certain strategies to keep the data safe and secure. In this article, I will list the strategies that help keep the data back-up safe and secure!

Update the security policies

It is recommended to update the security policies to create the entire strategy. You should provide physical access control to the devices for the storage of the backups. Moreover, you should ensure that the backups are automated. If you have an offline data backup, you should take the prerequisite measures to keep it safe if the internet-connected and network devices get compromised.

Using encryption

Encryption is a popular backup security tool which helps keep the data secure during transit. Such tools help disseminate the keys which provide authorization to the potential users for the decoding of the files.

Though the encryption enables secure backup, you should ensure that the keys related to the secured backup process remain protected. Encryption provides an improved defence against all kinds of hackers. If the keys are not present, it is recommended to store the keys without the password protection.

Creating a new user, not admin

If you are willing to implement the backup security measures on the system, you should operate the same under a certain user within the operating system. In most cases, the software lacks the right to keep a backup of the folders and files.

You can say bye to the issue by giving away the local admin and domain. The prerequisite solution to solve the backup is to create a separate user. If you want to give a backup of the data to the NAS or network work share, you should make sure to give the potential user the prerequisite permission.

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Selecting the storage location

Space remains congested in the compact offices. However, it is not advisable to keep the server in high-traffic areas. It would be wise to select a secure location. There are a wide array of companies that prefer local storage within the same city and building. It is a smart move during an on-site disaster.

3-2-1 backup methodology

Implementation of 3-2-1 is another optimal reason why it is recommended to secure backup. Initially, it is recommended to keep at least 3 data copies. In addition to the live data, it is recommended to keep two copies only.

Such a methodology is critical in mitigating failures on both the primary and backup devices. The disc to disc tape is another worthwhile mention in the 3-2-1 data back approach. Thus, you are going to have the hard disc on the server for the storage of the live data. The hard discs on the backup server are going to be the primary location to provide a backup of the live data.

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