All you need to know about Klaviyo


When you talk about email marketing, ecommerce stores can avail benefits of using a platform designed for their marketing success, which is why store owners like to discover the advantages of Klaviyo.

If you need a new system or just want to switch from HubSpot, you can use the experience of Klaviyo experts and make an informed decision.

As per an estimate, email subscribers have thrice more chance to share content on social media than any other channel leads, making eCommerce store email marketing more necessary in 2021. B2C emails have a greater unique open rate compared to B2B mails; hence, it is high time to use the benefits of email marketing for your ecommerce store.

Klaviyo can help you do more than just create appealing email campaigns. In fact, it is one of the major tools in your marketing kit. If you are looking for a tool that works in sync with your Shopify store or need the best automation system, Klaviyo has all the features you require to launch and run a prosperous marketing campaign.

Klaviyo-in detail

Klaviyo is a marketing platform that allows eCommerce owners to offer their customers a more customized, user-friendly experience. As per the results, Klaviyo has helped companies across the globe make over $3.7 billion in earnings in just one year. It has simplified creating deeper, better customer relationships, and this is why more than 60 brands switch to Klaviyo daily.

Klaviyo email marketing is used along with Shopify to help store owners create a holistic marketing environment. With Klaviyo, store owners can send multiple SMSs and customized messages with strong automation. Handling content becomes convenient and automated. Klaviyoallows you to create a multiple-channel experience for your clients and manage it all from one location.

Ideas for Klaviyo email marketing

When you think of Klaviyo email marketing, there are numerous options to choose from. The platform lets you grow your venture and create customer retention, and this is why Klaviyo is regarded as the best email marketing equipment for eCommerce.

What really sets Klaviyo apart from the rest is its personalization. You can customize your emails and make them attractive.

Loop emails are used for marketing to enhance your reach and create higher engagement. Be it a promotional message, frequent newsletter or an automated flow, Klaviyo helps you do it and schedule it with ease.

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Some email marketing campaigns to choose

Klaviyo eases it for the ecommerce store owners to connect with their clients, creates highly customized marketing campaigns, and assesses data all from one location

  1. Abandoned cart method

Klaviyo tracks customers who have added products to their cart but haven’t completed the checkout procedure. It sends reminder emails to the customers about their abandoned carts.

  1. Welcome series approach

A great way to commence your relationship with a new consumer is to send them warm welcome notes. Klaviyouses its sturdy workflow feature to design a well-personalized welcome message to engage your contacts. Right from sending welcome notes to SMS, Klaviyo handles it all for you.

All in all, Klaviyo is a great marketing automation solution for ecommerce store owners for better personalization and segmentation.

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