Features to Look for in Basecamp Alternatives

Even the best teams cannot work efficiently without proper communication channels. Communication is what adds life to a project. Several team collaboration tools are out there. Basecamp was one such team collaboration tool. It took the project management space by storm, with over 100,000 companies already using it.

That said, Basecamp has some disadvantages like no time tracking, limited customization, and lack of advanced features. Project managers have been looking for Basecamp alternatives to overcome these drawbacks. If you, too, are searching for collaboration software that is a step above Basecamp, you are at the right place. This article will help you identify features to look for in a team collaboration software.


Task Tags and Prioritizing

Projects are all about prioritizing tasks. There are times when you need to rework the project’s timelines to bump up specific tasks. Your team also needs to be updated about these changes. Basecamp does not allow adding tags or labels that help identify top-priority tasks, re-allocate tasks, and categorize work. When such changes are made, they need to be communicated to the team separately.

Chat History and Management

Since projects are dynamic, you may need to refer to past discussions. Basecamp does not categorize discussion boards, enabling them to get lost in the campfire. Therefore, it is difficult to find a previous discussion thread, as you have to look through a lot of past conversations. Things appear crowded and unorganized.

Time Tracking

One of the key features of project management is time tracking. Each task is scheduled and tracked to ensure that it is executed as per the schedule. This makes time tracking a necessary feature in any project management tool. Basecamp lacks this feature, thus making it impractical.

Workload Management

When you look for a project management software solution, individual employee workload features help in reducing burn-out. With overlapping time zones, employees may feel the pull of work consistently and may be stressed out. Workload management allows employees enough time off to help them rejuvenate and come back fresh. Project managers can visualize their team’s workload and know who is overworked and who is under-worked.


While the expectation is that team collaboration tools be customizable according to your needs, the case is different in reality. In Basecamp, one such limitation is the notifications. You can mute them, but cannot turn them off completely. So, every activity in the tool is notified. Customization allows you to set controls as per your convenience.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics is essential to help you track the project and give insightful information about it. With robust analytics, you can see where there is a defect or deficiency in the project and correct it quickly. Basecamp lacks this feature, thus requiring manual intervention. When looking for Basecamp alternatives, you should ensure that it has analytical tools incorporated.

Overcoming Team Challenges through Collaboration

When working with a multi-locational team, there are many challenges that the project manager comes across. The team collaboration software you use should overcome these challenges to add value to your project. These are the challenges that the tool should help overcome:

  • Lack of clarity on project milestones makes it difficult for the team to stick to a workflow. Using a collaborative tool will allow a clear division of workflow.
  • Working across different time zones means that the flow of communication is interrupted due to time differences. The team has to rely on emails, which can make collaboration difficult. Discussion boards allow all team members to contribute to the discussion and more the project forward.
  • Unclear project schedule and task allocation lead to ambiguity within the team. A collaboration tool can provide clear insights on task allocation, deadlines, and project schedules, leaving little room for ambiguity.
  • Monitoring team productivity in real-time is difficult as global teams will check-in as per their time zones. A collaboration tool will help the team to update their status and allow you to monitor without losing any sleep over it.
  • Difficulty in managing workload due to 24×7 work schedules can impede workflows. The remote work situation has blurred the lines between work and family for many. By managing workloads, the tool can help employees achieve work-life balance.

An agile collaboration tool can help overcome the above team challenges and many more. Therefore, it is an integral part of modern-day project management. Basecamp was popular since its launch, but the lack of a few key features have made project managers look for Basecamp alternatives. Make sure that the features mentioned above are available in the tool that you pick.

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