Can Joe Biden Kickstart a New Future for America In Cryptocurrencies?



Joe Biden is now the new President-Elect of the United States of America. The investors in Cryptocurrencies are hopeful that Biden will take some positive steps to ensure better returns for the Crypto traders. Biden’s stance on the recovery approach from the pandemic has made many investors feel that this will result in rising inflation. With Bitcoin being considered as one of the strongest hedges against inflation, it means that Bitcoin is expected to rise in value.

There are several essential factors that Crypto investors must consider before they start believing in the new US government. Some positive and negative sides to this new government can trigger the investment rate in Cryptocurrencies. One of the critical factors here is to develop the rate of exchange of the Cryptocurrencies.

Expectations from The US President  

There are several expectations from the US president that investors are craving for in the upcoming year. Therefore, let’s explore some of the essential points to get a better idea about these facts. You need to consider some of the crucial issues that will help you make the correct decisions regarding Bitcoins’ investment.

1.Gary Gensler Crypto-Friendly Attitude 

The Crypto Friendly attitude of Gary Gensler will help the investors to provide the financial policy transition for adopting more Bitcoins for their investment.

If the government shows more interest in trading in Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies, then automatically, the prices and the value of the Bitcoin and other Crypto asset will shoot up. It will help you to develop good financial services for the Crypto traders.

2.Positive Attitude of The Government 

Biden’s new senate members are showing positive signs for promoting the digital currency in their country. They accept the fact that we live in a digital age. Our priority is to deliver the best offerings to make Cryptocurrencies the most equitable form of investment in the country among the crypto traders to push the US economy to the next level.

The new US government highly admires the potential of Blockchain Technology to make people more aware of the fact that Bitcoin transactions will no longer be a risk factor for them. It will help the investors to get more chances of getting better returns from their investments.

You need to be a bit aware of the facts and the latest news that the government is declaring on behalf of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

3.Improved Regulation 

According to Kristin Smith, one of the renowned executive directors of the Blockchain Association believes that Gensler is more optimistic about investment in Cryptocurrencies and he may develop the right team of regulators to improve the circulation of the Bitcoins in the country.

The positive part is that he is very familiar with the Crypto and Blockchain Technology to prepare the right framework in regulating the Cryptocurrencies in the country. It will also encourage the high-profile investors to make their investment in the Cryptocurrencies. It would be best if you were very focused and updated regarding this matter.

4.Pandemic Pushed Prices of Bitcoin

When other currencies show a downward trend during the pandemic, the Cryptocurrencies are showing an upward trend this year. The recent price hike of Bitcoin is $18000 approximately, and it is expected to rise further and break all the records this year.

This is why Bitcoin is the most acceptable cryptocurrency for the government. They have to make new regulations to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted transactions of Bitcoins and other Crypto assets all across the globe.


Therefore, you need to develop your strategy to get the maximum benefits from the new upcoming regulations of the US government to get the maximum benefits out of it. You can click here to get a better insight into it.

The more you think in a positive manner, the better prospect you will get for your Crypto trading in the future. Hence, you need to understand the new policies of the US government to take corrective actions for your crypto trading in the future.

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