How to Open Your Online Electronics Store


Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets …  They have taken over everything. Many have realized that ordering and buying smartphones, laptops and other electronics is much more profitable in an online store than in an offline outlet. Today we will consider how to open an online electronics store and what to look for when creating a website. You will also need a wholesale Prototype PCB supplier to rebuild and make new electronic devices.

General points: what you need to know

First, let’s look at the main concepts and business processes that are at the heart of an electronics store. Let’s go over each item that is important to us.


Electronics is a loose concept. These products fall into various categories. For convenience, we will divide them into several types:

  • Smartphones and accessories
  • Computers, tablets, laptops
  • Cameras, camcorders
  • Audio equipment
  • Gaming consoles
  • Tvs, home theaters, projectors
  • Smart gadgets: smart watches, smart locks, smart key fobs and so on
  • Large home appliances

It is clear that your store should have products in stock for each category. If there are more categories, the better. If less – you will be trampled by competitors who have taken care of a wide range.

To find out exactly what specific models are in demand – go to Yandex.Wordstat and type in the name of the product. As a rule, these are new items and popular models, but it is still better to study demand in detail.


Let’s talk about them, since we remembered inappropriately. Gadgets are now at the peak of popularity, and the decision to get your slice of bread with caviar on this popularity came to mind not only for you. Accordingly, there are many competitors on the market. Lots of. How to build up from them – we’ll talk below.

The target audience

Whereas in the past the typical shopper in an online electronics store was a young advanced person or a computer nerd worm, now the criteria have shifted. To paraphrase the cult phrase from the film, gadgets have mastered the most backward segments of the population. And many representatives of the older generation have learned to order goods on the Internet.

Let’s recall the types of electronics and imagine which target audience will be the main one for each category of goods. Smartphones, laptops – absolutely any target audience, from schoolchildren to pensioners, who orders a gadget for a granddaughter as a gift. The consoles are already warmer, there are still more people who like to play among people under thirty – well, forty years old. Smart gadgets are already hot: new items and unusual things are of interest, as a rule, to fashionable and modern ones. This means that the target audience is narrowing.


Most of the owners of online electronics stores order goods from China. Now Chinese companies have rapidly burst into the market : Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu and others, which are worthy competitors to the recognized leaders. Why China?

Payment system

Since our target audience is still more advanced, we advise you to do all possible methods of payment for the order. By bank card, of course, it is not even discussed. Be sure to conclude an agreement with electronic payment systems: almost everyone now has wallets.

Delivery system

Only throughout Russia – residents of large cities and small villages will order from you – gadgets have reached everyone. If you include the near abroad in the list of countries – great, you will only win.

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