Palm-Sized Smartphones: 5 Compact Smartphones to Consider


The bigger the size doesn’t automatically mean better. In smartphones’ world, large smartphones dominate the industry, and these palm-sized smartphones are becoming scarce. Despite that, there are still compact phones that being palm-sized can still be as powerful and reliable as the bigger smartphones.

Compact Smartphone

If we have to give meaning to compact smartphones, we must first discuss what a common smartphone is. Bulkier and bigger smartphones can have more features compared to smaller ones. With all the additional space, manufacturers can sneak in new hardware and chips that would make their product one of a kind.

On the contrary, compact smartphones give up space. In doing so, these compact smartphones can easily fit in a person’s pocket or palm. Because of the consistent increase in the demand for these types of smartphones, many smartphone manufacturers made it a point to create their own version of a compact smartphone.

iPhone SE (2020)

We are sure that any version of an iPhone does not need any introduction. You are assured that you will be getting the best technology development and the most superior features if you plan to get one from Apple. The revamped version of the 2016 iPhone SE is packed with a lot of internal muscles.

It is the company’s way of introducing itself to the value market. Despite being one of the cheapest iPhones, the iPhone SE still has the most recent A13 processor. The iPhone SE supports wireless charging and is water-resistant as well. Apple had to find a way to fit all these features within their budget, which is through the camera’s expense.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is the smaller version of the S10 Plus and the S10, and it has lived up to its name by having the essential components of the S10 line by Samsung. It comes with the Android 9 with an octa-core chipset.

Despite losing one lens, the Samsung Galaxy S10e still has the same strength as its stronger brothers. It is a smaller version of its brothers, the S10 models. You can still utilize features like the Wireless PowerShare, and it has also removed the curved edge display on the Samsung Galaxy S10e.

Google Pixel 4

Google has been stepping up its game and has improved its development and designs for its smartphones. Pixel 4 is the newest release by Google in the compact phone market. Being categorized as a compact phone, Pixel 4 has an excellent camera on par with larger smartphones.

It has 64-gigabyte internal storage and can be troublesome if you don’t have Google cloud storage such as Google Drive. The phone’s capability to automatically sync with G Suite apps is an amazing way to oppose the lack of internal storage. Since Google makes this compact phone, you are sure to get the best and latest updates immediately.

Moto E6 Play

Motorola has been continuously returning to the smartphone world again. They have been engaging with expensive smartphones, but the Moto E6 Play is their formal entry to the market. It is one of the most low-priced smartphones in the market today, so you really can’t expect that much.

The biggest advantage of the E6 Play compared to other compact smartphones, is the MicroSD slot. While other smartphones constantly struggle with storage problems, this compact smartphone handles the problem with a memory slot.


Even though it is ironic, picking the best smartphone can both be intimidating and pleasurable. Just the thought of having a new gadget makes all of us excited, right? So, what are you waiting for? Why not try these compact smartphones that we have listed?

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