Talking to different people is one of the essential requirements of humans. We talk to our friends, relatives, the nice bar lady, and dozens of other people every day. While it is a way of communication, it is therapeutic as people share everyday experiences and develop a sense of belonging. Many people take it a step further and talk to a massive audience through various platforms. You might remember the first time you held a microphone on the stage and the nervousness that accompanied the experience.

Well, that is normal, and people tend to get more confident with time. In this era, talking on the stage is not the only way you can speak to many people. We now have many social media and micro blogging websites where we could go live and address the people who want to listen to us.

Interestingly, having the power to address many people has an added benefit of influencing keen listeners. People want to listen to such people because they inspire them in one way or another, and many leverages it as an opportunity to market things. Radio is a medium having such power, and since the world has gone online, we have replaced them with online podcasts. Many marketers fail to realize the usability of podcasts for content marketing, and such a vast potential goes untapped.

 The market is usually a competitive space, and those who do not bring new ideas and innovation to their ways are left far behind. In this article, we will shed light on the concept of how podcasts can be very beneficial for your content marketing.

  • Podcasts have low competition

Unlike many other places where all your competitors are already present, giving you a tough time, podcasts remain uncharted territory. So far, only people who want to disseminate something informative have been using podcasts. There are thousands of listeners, but only a handful of podcasters talk about your business’s niche. You can easily make a name for yourself and then brilliantly market your business while engaging many people. Many people also publish them later as a blog post with the help of a podcast transcript generator, so you also have an alternative option.

  • Avoid inconvenience

The world is always on the go. So people tend to be in the middle of something all the time. In such instances, having them watch videos or read long blog posts will be too inconvenient even for the most avid content consumers. With podcasts, you do not have such limitations as they need to hit the play button and also listen to it while doing something else, or simply relaxing with their eyes closed. Many listeners download podcasts and listen to them while driving to their workplace or university, which makes it very exciting.

  • Mobile-friendly

The usage of mobile phones has seen a sharp rise in the recent decade, and it will only increase. According to a study, 69% of the podcast listeners are mobile users; hence you will have a huge audience that can access your content amid mobility. They can be in a gym working out and still be listening to the podcast in which you market your business ideas to them.

  • Growing popularity

Though the idea of having your business content in podcasts might be new, podcasts themselves aren’t. Podcasts will have a total of 115 million weekly listeners by 2021, and that is a vast market base you can target. If you start today, you might soon be reaping the benefits of being the early bird getting the worm.

  • The podcast audience is loyal

Podcast listeners are always loyal to their favorite programs, unlike many other mediums where their interests keep changing. Listeners tend to create a personal relationship with hosts and keep checking back for any future episodes. Loyal listeners will also become loyal customers if you market your product the right way to them. They will connect to your other social media platforms and become loyal supporters of your brand. It is typical behavior that loyal listeners usually have the curiosity to know more, so they turn to your social media platforms to see if any exciting conversation is going on or not.

  • Interactive

Podcasts can be highly interactive with the host taking inputs from listeners and have them join many activities. The host can make polls, comment sections, and take calls to enable the listeners to get a candid experience from the show. Engaging your potential customers is one of the cornerstones of marketing, and nothing does it better than a podcast. Once you grow a reputation, you can also bring in experts in the field and help the users interact with them.

  • Cost-efficient

With video making, you might be able to shoot the videos on a smartphone, but if you want to give it a professional touch, you need expensive equipment. Then, you also need exceptional video-making skills, and if you don’t, you would need to get the services of someone to do it for you. All these things need massive investment, but with podcasts, you do not have such issues. You might need proper recording equipment, but they are not as expensive as with the other alternatives.

  • Consistency

With blog posts, even if you follow a precise schedule, you might not be able to inspire people to read it every time you publish. However, with podcasts, you can make the episodes that you release at the same time every week. People would anticipate it in advance and spare their time to make room for listening to the podcasts. Such things help with the consistency of producing content and your listener’s interest.

Bottom line

Marketing is a tricky business, and with the number of competitors that are already in the market, you might find it hard to get a foot in the door. As technology develops, many people now take help from various new ways of engaging with others. Podcasts are one such thing, which is nothing more than an online radio.

However, it has the massive potential of being able to engage many people simultaneously while inspiring loyal following. If done right, you can easily make it a source of your content marketing that will bring dividends in the form of customers as faithful as the podcast’s listeners.

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