7 Tips To Leverage The Power of Facebook in the World of Video Marketing


As of 2020, Facebook has more than 2.6 billion monthly active users. It has 32 million daily views. All such statistics go on to establish the wide reach of this social media platform. While most of you enjoy spending time scrolling through your Facebook feed, the importance of this platform in your life magnifies if you are a video marketing professional.

In recent years, Facebook has inculcated several features that can be used to achieve effective video marketing. Knowledge of the different tools and an eagerness to grab opportunities as they come is all it takes to be an effective Facebook-based video marketer.

In this article, we shall discuss 7 such tips that will enable a video marketer to make the most of the world of Facebook.

Set a Goal

Like every other video marketing plan, the first step to effective video marketing is to chalk out a goal. Set attainable targets (in the form of numbers or percentages) and have clear deadlines. Before you finalize the goal, make sure you discuss it with the team to ensure they agree on it, so you don’t set unrealistic expectations.

Once you have set the goals, the next step will be to track the metrics of your goals to understand where you stand. Keep track of the views, likes, and comments on your videos. For paid video ads, identify the number of new followers, so you get to see if it is worth the investment.

If you are not reaching your target, it might be an indication of the fact that you need to improve the quality of your videos. At videocreek.com, you will be able to create good quality videos that will target potential customers.

Learn About Facebook Video Analytics

Not many video marketers are aware of the power of Facebook’s analytics. Go to your page and select the ‘Videos’ option under the ‘Insights’ tab. This will give you a graphical representation of the number of video views, minutes of viewed video, and the change in figures over time.

As you select a video, you will be able to see these details for each individual video. Having access to such detailed statistical figures will go a long way in helping you plan your future marketing strategies.

Do Not Neglect the Post Copy

For a good fraction of Facebook users, the copy that accompanies a post helps decide whether they will view the video. This is especially true in the case of people using low internet bandwidth.

Invest your efforts in writing the copy in a manner such that it hypes the video and inspires curiosity among the readers. Asking a question would imply that the video has the answer to it. This will prompt more people to watch the video.

Understand the Technicalities of Shooting a Video

There is software that will enable you to prepare a promotional video. However, no promo video maker can undo the effects of a faulty video shoot, and that is why you need to pay heed to the finer nuances of the art.

If you are shooting a video on your mobile, make sure the device is in vertical mode. A good section of Facebook users use the platform on their phones, and a vertically shot video comes off much better in mobile viewing.

Next, divide your frame into a 9X9 grid. This will help you ensure the subject fits in comfortably within the frame, and the resultant shots will be aesthetically appealing.

Also, understand that an average viewer today has a much shorter attention span. That is why you should direct special efforts towards making the first few seconds of your video attractive so that people stay tuned for more.

Update a Video Cover Image

Having a 20-90 second video as a cover image will catch the attention of potential clients. Go to the business’s Facebook page and select the ‘Change Cover’ option.

You can then choose to upload a new video or make an already uploaded video your Cover. In either case, make sure that the video is not more than 820X462 pixels wide.

Invest in Equipment

An attractive video requires a professional with an eye for detail and good-quality equipment. The amount you will invest in procuring the equipment for your video will depend on your budget.

For the image quality, you may choose to invest in a DSLR or a Handycam. If your budget permits, a professional video camera will give you extraordinary results. However, most smartphones also shoot hi-resolution videos, and they may not be a bad option to start your video marketing journey with.

Once you have the camera sorted, it is important to realize that a slight shake in your video may alter its overall quality. Depending on the type of camera, opt for a monopod, smartphone tripod, or an actual tripod. While it is okay to compromise on quality to fit in your budget, make sure you do not neglect it altogether.

Try to Drive More Traffic

The more traffic you can draw to your video, the higher will be the reach of your video marketing campaign. While watching a few Facebook ads tutorials will give you a better idea of the techniques to drive more traffic, you can always rely on the basics.

The first basic rule that you cannot afford to overlook is the adding of a relevant link in the post accompanying the video. You will be amazed to see the impact of a simple link. Moreover, if your video references any other business or individuals with a Facebook page, do not forget to tag them. This will increase the distribution of your video among their followers, thereby giving you a much better reach.

The power of social media is as enormous as its reach. With videos becoming increasingly popular on Facebook, marketing professionals are exploring newer ways of leveraging its potential. As you embark on your journey of discovering what works best for you, here’s wishing you the very best of luck for the same.

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