Software Every SMB Needs: 6 Helpful Programs for Small Business


In ordinary times, small businesses employ around 47% of the US workforce, so they’re an important part of the economy.

Since small businesses have the flexibility to adapt more quickly than huge enterprises, they can sometimes cope better with changing circumstances. Yet, if you want your business to hang on a little longer in these unprecedented times, you need all the help you can get.

These are the software programs for small business you need to consider if you want to grow your business in these difficult times.

  1. Collaboration Tools

Nowadays, remote communication and task-management tools are more important than ever before. Software like Asana and Slack work perfectly to help keep members stay informed and in touch.

Using this software, team members can communicate in real-time, share their progress regarding tasks, and even indulge in social banter.

  1. Bookkeeping Programs for Small Business

Modern accounting software means you don’t need to be a financial genius to keep track of income and expenses. It’s a user-friendly way to perform all the main bookkeeping tasks associated with small businesses.

These include:

  • Managing payroll and taxes
  • Generating reports
  • Forecasting and reporting

Some of the better-known accounting programs for small businesses include Quickbooks and Freshbooks.

  1. File Sharing Software for Small Business

From time to time you’ll need to share information with other businesses or clients. The most secure way to do this is via PDF.

Without specialized software, nobody but the author can amend a PDF. Most people have the software to open and read a PDF, but not everyone has a PDF converter or NET PDF generator, so it’s best to get one for your business.

Google Docs is another invaluable asset for sharing editable documents across the globe easily and effectively.

  1. Marketing Tools

Nowadays, marketing programs fall into the category of software every business should have. In the increasingly important world of online marketing, you need software to help you stay on top.

Marketing software helps you:

  • Monitor customer needs
  • Build and maintain your website
  • Automate scheduling
  • Organize to-do lists and tasks
  1. Operations Management Software

Small business owners have a lot to keep track of, so it’s good to know that you can get business software to help you with some of your most important management aspects.

These programs assist with:

  • Hiring and onboarding the best employees
  • Prioritizing support
  • Streamlining feedback
  • Aligning goals
  • Establishing accountability
  • Building team morale

Some of the most popular types of software in this category include ZenDesk, DocuSign, and BambooHR.

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  1. Productivity Boosters

Working smarter instead of harder is the key to small business success and also boosts employee motivation.

Using tools like Shift, RescueTime, and Zapier you can automate recurring processes, optimize performance, and divide tasks into manageable chunks.

Right now we could all do with a little help boosting our business and these productivity tools are a good place to start.

Finding Your Ideal Business Tools

Modern advancements mean there are programs for small businesses to suit any type of industry. Using this article as a starting point, you’re bound to find the perfect mix for your business needs.

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