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Social media is a big part of how people interact in today’s world. A business’ success, therefore, has very strong links to its presence and reputation on the internet. However, having one account across the different platforms might not be the best way to collect and analyze brand interaction data. 

In many instances, businesses have multiple social media platforms and profiles to help boost brand exposure and check out the competition. Some of these activities might go against community standards, even when done without malice. Having more than one Reddit account, for instance, is against the regulations of the app. 

Proxies help eliminate the danger that comes with running multiple profiles on the same site. It also allows for faster data collection from the platform. 

What Are Proxies?

Proxies refer to servers that act as middlemen between a user and the resource on the internet. In the case of this article’s topic, a proxy server would connect you, the user, to a specific social media platform. 

Proxies offer a number of benefits to a user, such as: 

  • The ability to secure employee data and internet use
  • Internet anonymity as they hide private IP addresses and show new ones
  • Savings on bandwidth by compressing and caching files
  • More balanced internet traffic, which avoids crashes, especially when using multiple profiles 

Proxies offer a new IP address for its users, hiding the original IP address. Apart from the functions of a different IP address, a proxy protects your personal details even as you scrape through the internet for information. Most importantly, this replaced address makes opening multiple profiles within the same platform a possibility.

Companies or big corporations use proxies for social media sites to collect and analyze the popularity of a brand on these networking platforms. Ideally, a good proxy provider will offer data scraping services useful for the collection of this data. 

However, proxies do not cover an entire internet use and, instead, only apply to a single website or app at a go. Proxy servers exist for different social media sites, like for Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram. Picking a proxy server would therefore be determined by one’s personal needs. 

Factors to Consider When Picking a Proxy Server

As mentioned, proxy servers are valuable tools for any business looking to succeed in social media marketing. Picking the right proxy means having the freedom to access and analyze data available on brand marketing and interaction. The proxy provider one chooses will determine the amount and quality of data one has access to.

Moreover, ensuring that your provider is trustworthy ensures that no company data is leaked or left open to the public. Here are a few critical factors to look out for when surveying your options: 

  • Brand Reputation 

Although social media proxies have several uses, cybersecurity is still the top concern for any company. This is why picking a provider with a good reputation and ethical code of conduct is essential. 

Check a provider’s website first to confirm whether it follows a code of ethics before buying a proxy package.  

  • Reviews 

Apart from information on a provider’s website, you can determine a lot from reading what people think of the company. Just like you would for a restaurant or an online store, only consider proxy providers with good and convincing reviews.  

  • Size of IP Pool 

A big IP pool connotes a lower number of blocks from the proxy provider. Moreover, the bigger the pool, the more likely a proxy provider also covers a more extensive geographical area. Additionally, a larger IP pool offers more services compared to smaller ones. 

  • Objectives 

Understanding why you are looking for a proxy server helps point out the features you require from a provider. For instance, a social media proxy should offer data scraping, management, and analytic features. A business should also consider whether they are targeting a specific geographical area and if the provider covers it.

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Make the Most of Your Social Media Accounts

Social media marketing has slowly taken over physical selling strategies. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer access to a larger market. Moreover, social media marketing helps reduce costs and keeps operations simpler within the office.

Using proxies for data analysis and marketing is the way to optimize your social media strategy. Aside from offering better visibility, a proxy will also provide malware protection.

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