Top 5 Reasons to Prefer Mid-Range Smartphones Over Flagships


We all love a sleek flagship, but unfortunately, not everybody wants to or can afford to spend big money on one smartphone. That’s overkill. Fortunately, the best thing that has been happening in the world of smartphones is the increasing availability of great mid-range phones under 10000.

With a mid-range phone, you can easily get away with spending half as much or even less to accomplish the same things as you would with a flagship. But, before you get into more reasons why you should choose a mid-range phone over flagship next time you’re shopping around, we’ll just go through the basics.

What Is a Flagship Smartphone? 

A flagship phone is the best phone that a smartphone manufacturer has ever been produced within a certain price range.

What Is a Mid-Range Smartphone?

A mid-range smartphone is a device that lies in the middle of the quality, size and price spectrum of smartphones in the markets. It’s beyond something that isn’t flagship nor budget pick.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy a Mid-Range Phone Over a Flagship

  1. Mid-range smartphones do not break the bank

This is the most obvious reason to get a mid-range smartphone home. Spending a huge amount of money on a flagship phone that gets obsolete in a few months doesn’t sound practical.

  1. Mid-range phones are packed with premium features

Everybody loves the premium components available in a flagship phone: top-tier processor, lots of storage, a huge amount of RAM, and a sharp camera. A lot of people have the perception that mid-range phones cannot match the performance and features of high-end smartphones. Well, that’s a wrong assumption as mid-range phones can now feel, look and perform, like flagship phones.

Some mid-range smartphones even have features that were only available on flagships. The microSD expansion slot, a 3.5mm audio jack, quick charging, and in-display fingerprint scanners are now a standard in many mid-range smartphones.

  1. Mid-range phones are loaded with premium designs

With all-metal or glass back designs, mid-range phones now look like a premium device. The mid-range phones are equipped with the latest design trends such as teardrop notch, high refresh rates, or hole-punch display. The bezel-less display that was a feature of top-tier devices is now available on mid-range phones.

  1. The mid-range cameras work as good as flagships

Lately, the difference in the camera of a flagship smartphone and a mid-range device is barely noticeable. Obviously, there are some differences that can visible under certain lighting conditions, but most people take photos during the day. So, when these photos are uploaded on social media, one can really not see the difference. Mid-range smartphones such as the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max has a quad-camera module at an affordable price point. Another example of a mid-range phone with a camera comparable to a flagship device is the Pixel 3A.

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  1. Mid-range phones can match the performance of flagship phones

Just because mid-range phones are cheaper, many believe that they are low in performance when compared to flagship phones. Mid-range phones of today not only offer superior performance but also improved graphics capabilities. For example, the gaming-focused Snapdragon 765G processor that powers the OnePlus Nord gets you through demanding games, such as Call of Duty that require high horsepower. The Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, powered by the Snapdragon 720G processor, is low-priced and yet it allows you to play games on high settings for graphics.

Mid-range devices are getting better with each passing year. However, whether you should choose a flagship phone or a mid-range phone is entirely at your discretion. That being said, if you need finance for buying either of the phones, MoneyTap’s mobile loan can help.

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