Ways to Save House Rent Brokerage in Chennai


You’re planning to migrate and want to stay as a paying guest in Chennai. You are seeking a place that is comfortable and affordable. You have set aside a budget that should ideally cover your rent, your lifestyle expenses, and even leave some money for any discretionary spending. After all this planning, if you have to add a brokerage fee to your financial bucket as well, it seems like an unnecessary expense. Especially if your intention was to find a hassle-free yet pocket-friendly stay, in the first place.

These days you can even bag a luxury PG in Chennai that takes care of all your daily living needs at competitive rental rates and without needing a broker to navigate the agreement. Don’t believe us? Well here are some ways to go about house hunting, that can help you land a broker-free deal:

Check out Professional Accommodation Providers:

No longer do you need to scan one classified advertisement after another or hop between various to-let properties across the city. With managed accommodation operators like Stanza Living, property search has become standardized. All you need to do is pick a location on their website and they will show you the vast range of beautiful accommodation that they operate across the country.

They have transparent rental policies and clear invoicing processes. They sign formal lease agreements that capture all service details clearly, so you are aware of what you will get when you move in. And they don’t charge any brokerage fee. That’s the clearest financial agreement you will find, and we suggest you opt for these places.

Social Media to Your Rescue:

Social media platforms and online search engines are among the quickest reference points to browse a broker-free place. From groups like Flats and Flatmates to the likes of Magicbricks and other property search portals, you can get quite a few options online. You can ask detailed questions, find property reviews and negotiate your requirements clearly. Considering we are dealing with a pandemic situation, and being outside should be avoided, this is a convenient way of checking out as many options as possible without even having to step out from home. Plus, it does save you time and energy.

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Seek Advice from Others:

Asking for direction from people who have stayed in the city before or other migrants like you among your classmates or colleagues is a good idea, especially if you don’t want to go hunting from one locality to another. But keep in mind that the situation on-ground can change and so can the circumstances in which they landed a good deal.

On your part, you should arm yourself to negotiate well (be it on the security deposit or even the rent) and you will be surprised by how you can actually find a place within the budget that suits you and without compromising on your lifestyle needs.

Moving into a new city shouldn’t be a cumbersome task. We believe that even if you are searching for luxury PG accommodations or hostels in Chennai, having the right tools and insight can help you plan an easy shift without having to go through any broker. In fact, direct contact with a professional accommodation operator of the likes of Stanza Living will anyway help you crack a better deal. And that’s how you should go about finding a branded, new-age PG in Chennai.

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