5 Ways SEO Techniques Can Improve Your Resume


You should present a strong resume while you are applying for new jobs. A strong resume can catch one’s eye within seconds. 

You should always use industry keywords that match with the search algorithms so that your resume does not go down in the list. 

This is where the application of SEO comes in. It helps you with popular keywords so that your resume stays at the top. SEO consultants in Brisbane help you in these types of situations. Their services are often known to produce genuine leads and conversions. 

Here we will be discussing five SEO techniques that you should acquire to improve your resume:

  • Use Appealing Headlines

We have seen that websites that have interesting or catchy headlines attract more readers. Just like that, you can also use a catchy headline and strong language in your resume to catch the eye of recruiters and hiring managers. Doing this helps you qualify for the job, and you can prove that you are applicable as per the job requirements. 

If you face any problem, you can check out the SEO consultants in Brisbane. They will help you to fix your problems by providing their best strategies and advice. 

  • Use Keywords That Are Applicable

Your website should provide information that is of value. It, however, is of no use if you do not offer phrases that get searched by the readers. On a similar note, the contents of your resume should be on par with the requirements of the recruiters. 

Review job postings and LinkedIn profiles of people in your role, and decide on a keyword that will be more useful and attractive. 

  • Pertinent Hyperlinks Must Be Used

Pertinent hyperlinks on your resume will give proof to your hiring manager that you are the candidate that is most suited for the requirements of the job. 

You can also add links that pertain to your website, articles that you have written in industry journals, or on other sites that display your work. Insert those links wherever applicable. 

If you face any problem, you can take help from SEO professionals. For example, SEO consultants in Brisbane specialize in improving your resume by handling these things. 

  • Make Sure You Leave A Link For Your Socials

You can always spice up your resume by adding social media handles. These will help in demonstrating your personality, knowledge about your fieldwork, and personal brand. However, do this in cases related to jobs like marketing or brand management as it has a unique requirement in these scenarios. 

Add your social links so that your projects and connections get seen by the recruiters. If you use them professionally, you can also add links to your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest profiles.

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  • The Content Used Should Be Precise

When you are in the process of cleaning your resume and making it tighter, make sure you use your linguistic skills precisely and convey what is needed. 

Minimize fluff in your resume, as it can make your resume more complicated. It can also become quite baffling. Your resume should contain important facts and not descriptions of tiny irrelevant details. 

Use active phrases and drain out passive ones. Also use numbers, because hard data is easier to understand than long texts. 


Improving your resume is very crucial as it will decide whether you are applying for a particular job or not. Always keep your resume pristine and brief and put the best stuff in it. Also, use mixed words so that it does not bore the recruiting employer. 

I hope that the SEO techniques mentioned in the space above will help you in improving your resume. 

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