How to set up a password protection system once and for all?


Cases of password theft or hacking are increasing every day. Cybercriminals can launch disinformation campaigns against large firms, use someone else’s payment system, or spy on anyone. Scammers have many ideas for using stolen passwords. Your data’s security is extremely important, especially if you spend a lot of time online working or studying.

Password manager

Multiple apps enter the lives of active users when there is no space left in the notebook for writing or when there is no free space in the head to store another password. The program will create a unique combination of letters, numbers, and symbols for you. Inviolable end-to-end encryption became necessary in 2021. Dashlane offers more opportunities than other competitors to save, store and use safely in the future. Password security audit, virtual private network, Internet monitoring, emergency access to information, two-factor authentication, secure data exchange — some of the most important advantages of the password manager, which singled out users.

If one of you comes into the view of cyber attackers, they will not be able to access other information about you. Password Manager guarantees 100% security of the user in the network. You don’t have to write down all the passwords or keep them in your head. It is worth remembering the key to the program that saves everything for you.

However, password managers are a good option to clear out some space in your mind. Hackers try to subdue them, but they mostly fail. Programs are evolving rapidly for the safety of users on the Internet. So, the attackers are not as scary as most of us think because, together with the password manager, you can feel much safer.

Be different

Make up a special phrase and shorten it. For example, “My mom’s pants 30 years ago were very cool” = M&mp30yawvC. The main advantage of similar phrases is that only you have access to it. The disadvantage is easy to forget, so we recommend using password managers or your notebooks.

In 2020, about 9 million passwords were cracked. Users could not boast of a special imagination. They used the most common passwords: “12345”, “qwerty”, “iloveyou”, “sunshine”, “superman”, “princess” and others. Such information prompts the creation of unique passwords, which no one can solve for 100 years.

Say “No” to common words

Of course, they will come to mind when you come up with your password. A professional cyber attacker will be able to understand every letter with the help of a dictionary. Abbreviations are a good idea for online security.

Different passwords for different sites

You do not have to enter the same password everywhere. This is the worst you can imagine, take my word for it. If an attacker hacks your one page on a social network, he can easily access Internet banking. You have the same password. For social networks, computer accounts, email, personal or work applications, individual documents must have different combinations of characters, symbols, and letters.

Do not remember passwords in browsers

No matter the type of program, they all offer to come next time without confirming the information. Most passwords are remembered by browsers. This is a very fast and comfortable option that has significant disadvantages – basic security is often not documented. Therefore, even if you have a strong password, the browser is an unreliable place to store this information. Web browsers cannot compete with other special solutions. Unencrypted passwords become easy prey for hackers. Even an inexperienced cyber attacker will quickly cope with such a task. 

P.S. You can also encrypt the hard drive on your device. 

Two-factor authentication

This is an additional level of security that not everyone knows about. Until recently, it was widespread except in the technical field.

If your information is equal in value to data from the Pentagon, then protect yourself with a doubled verification. Use two-factor authentication (2FA) — double-checking you before logging in to your account. An additional level of protection may require an answer to a special question. For example, “What is the mother’s maiden name?”, “Where did the parents meet?” etc. There are special applications that arrange two-factor authentication for each program.

Other online security methods include protection against theft of personal data, installation of a personal security system at home, anti-virus software, or using your fingerprint as an additional protection level if the device is compatible with this function. 


A common form of a cyber attack on the Internet is to obtain your password voluntarily. So, here how it goes: an email arrives, it indicates that your bank account is having problems and asks to enter a password. When the user agrees, the hacker gains access to the card and can spend other people’s money.

What’s going on in the world with passwords? 

Statistical research never ceases to amaze us. We have collected the most common facts: 

  • the average user uses the same password about 14 times;
  • almost 80% of cybercriminals carried out successful scams due to password compromise;
  • 13% of users have one password for all accounts and devices.

A strong password is important not only for personal data protection but also for doing business. Reliable information must be protected from hackers, as it may affect your future earnings.

Guidelines we offer for effective passwords:

  • 8-16 characters in one password, no more and no less;
  • uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols (&, *,%);
  • use a character after 2 or 6 letters;
  • do not enter your passwords on sites you can’t control (such as an old friend’s device);
  • do not use your date of birth, name, surname as a password;
  • the password should not contain the word “password”.


Do not forget what an almighty time we live in. Thanks to the Internet, we can find out someone’s number for free only by knowing the name. Do you still think that your password also remains confidential?

If you’ve read this text till the very end, your passwords are not great. This is the essence of our advice. You know the basic rules, and you can set up a password protection system once and for all. These are important tips for everyday life because everyone spends a lot of time online. Do it flawlessly once to then feel the maximum security on the World Wide Web.

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