How Smart Devices Help You Work Better At Home


Working from home or having a home office setup can have many advantages and perks. You get to have the most comfortable chair, you can personalize your desk or workstation, and you get to wear anything you want (as long as you don’t have a video conference or presentation), among other things. However, there can be certain drawbacks and limitations that can affect your productivity at home.

You share lighting, electricity, air conditioning, and other utilities and resources with your family and other home occupants. Thankfully, the development of smart home technology and the internet of things (IoT) has generated different tools and devices that make work and daily life at home easier and smarter.

Here, we’ll focus on the home-based work aspect and how smart devices help you work better and be more productive at home.

Better Time Management

Perhaps the most compelling reason why many professionals are shifting to a work-from-setup is to manage their time for work and home activities. No matter how convenient the schedule people have at the office, the need for a clear-cut work-life balance leaves much to be desired. Travel time eats up a significant amount of time in going to and from work, which will leave most of us missing out on a lot of activities at home.

The standalone smartwatch is one of the smart devices that is a rise in popularity during recent years. The features and functions of this type of smartwatch have enabled many professionals, especially those working from home, to delineate work and leisure hours. As more standalone smartwatches are developed for android and iOS users, a definitive standalone smartwatch guide becomes a necessity in purchasing a smartwatch that fits each user’s distinct lifestyle. Many of those who work from home dedicate more time for outdoor activities like morning jogs or afternoon bikes around the neighborhood or a nearby park.

Standalone smartwatches are the perfect devices for those living a healthy lifestyle and don’t want to be held back by bringing cumbersome devices like smartphones, which can be damaged or lost during exercises and fitness abilities. With the recent addition of SIM cards for the smartwatches, they no longer need to be tethered to a phone to make or receive phone calls. Also, there are various customized functions for active users, such as a step counter, heart rate monitor, and fitness features, among others.

Gives Your Home Office a Technological Makeover

Giving your home office or personal workstation a dose of technological pimping not only makes it look futuristic, but it also makes the office more functional and efficient. You can get rid of extra wires and avoid tripping over them if you choose to go wireless with your work tools. You can go for a wireless mouse, a Bluetooth keyboard, and wireless charging pads to free your movements within your home office. Your office looks cleaner, and you can shift places and positions easily without having to worry about tugging or pulling wires and cables in the process.

Ergonomic Features Make You Comfortable

Incorporating ergonomics into smart home technology is one of the best developments home-based workers can enjoy. Furniture and workstations that help you develop proper posture and avoid placing you in awkward and strained positions can help you feel better and work longer to become more productive. One such innovation is the smart desk, which can be raised and lowered to get you to stand or sit anytime while you work. Smart chairs promote good posture and sitting position for healthy movement and proper blood circulation in the legs.

Enhances Safety and Security

Being safe and secure in your workstation at home is a great motivating factor for you to work better and accomplish more tasks. A smart thermostat allows you to easily adjust temperatures according to your preference while also keeping in mind the temperature preferences of your housemates. A cool and ambient working environment makes you comfortable and reduces muscle tension while also keeping the temperatures of your devices at optimal levels, preventing overheating.

Smart smoke alarms are useful in keeping you, your family, and your other household companions safe from the potential hazards or fire and harmful smoke and fumes. These devices have a feature that notifies you through your smartphone if smoke or CO2 emissions are detected.

Smart home security features can help you feel at ease whenever you leave home. A home-based worker’s tools and devices are important and need to be kept in a secure area. Smart security systems keep you productive and available for work at any time by keeping an eye on your home’s perimeter and activating alerts and alarms when potential intruders, thieves, or burglars are within your home’s vicinity. Smart locks also provide security for your home and your work tools by automatically locking your doors in case you forget or sends a notification to your smartphone of unlocked doors and allowing you to remotely lock them through your phone.

With these features, you can work with confidence and without disruption and worries.

Provides Entertainment and Relaxation at Home

A smart TV is a great device to have at home when you are not at work. You can watch your favorite television shows, series, and movies or play games to relax and take your mind off from work. A smart speaker provides you not only the best tunes and musical selections to get you going while at work, but it also features a smart alarm function to wake you up from power naps or remind you to take a break from work.

You can also conveniently set reminders for important tasks that are related to work and those that are not. This useful device has internet connectivity and interactive features, where you ask questions, request news feeds, and weather updates.

The iRobot Roomba is your smart cleaning assistant that will handle the cleaning duties in your work area while you stay glued to your workstation. It will clean dust, debris, food particles, and dander around your workstation through a customized app and voice assistant control. With a touch of your smartphone or with a set voice command, you can activate it for cleaning anytime, set a cleaning schedule, or command it to stop and get back to its storage area without having to leave your desk.

Provides Entertainment and Relaxation at Home

Comfort, convenience, and security are essential motivators when it comes to working at home. The developers behind smart home technologies have considered these factors and added features and functionalities to smart home devices, which are useful for home-based workers and offices.

When you have smart devices that can make you easily shift to work mode and relaxation mode at any time, you can be effective in accomplishing your work and domestic tasks without compromising anything.

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