Top 3 Solutions to Catch a Cheating Husband


Is your husband’s phone addiction causing a concern to you? Infidelity in relationships is a plague eating the relationships in current times. Smartphones are responsible and active catalysts in such infidelity.

When it comes to a smartphone, from basic functions like messaging, iMessaging to social media exchanges, everything can be used as a device to cheat. It is so much easier to find a date, a person of your interest, a prospective lover, a childhood romance from these platforms.

It definitely is heartbreaking to see the trust in the relationship shaking, especially in a marriage. The worst part definitely is not knowing about it. So, if you have been reading an article about cheating spouse caught, you have the ability to catch them as well.

If your husband’s phone obsession or extreme secretiveness about his smartphone is bothering you, ClickFree website is the solution you seek. It is better to see the truth and clarity rather than living in suspense.

Top 3 Solutions to Catch a Cheating Husband

Like there are apps that can instigate cheating, there are also apps that can find a cheating husband. Spy applications have seen an all time high demand because of the increasing rate of cheating spouses.

So, do not stay in the suspense of whether or not your husband is cheating on you. There are ways to find out about such cheating. The below mentioned applications are the perfect way of knowing if your husband is cheating on you:

  1. ClickFree

Being a web-based app, ClickFree offers a perfect setting for spying on your cheating husband. It will allow you to holistically spy on his smartphone and engagements. Whether he is texting or sending media files or the place he is at, you can see everything clearly.

ClickFree has received praises from critics like Forbes, Engadget, Mac World, The Next Web, and Wired. Therefore, this further corroborates the awesomeness that ClickFree beholds.


Stealth Mode

ClickFree has a very good stealth mode that allows you to spy in an incognito manner. Your husband will never find out about your spying. No one who used ClickFree to spy on the cheating husband has ever been caught.

Therefore, when it comes to spying on your husband, you wouldn’t want it disclosed. ClickFree provides you the much needed secrecy of conduct. You can spy all you want and your husband will not even have a hunch about it.

No Rooting or Jailbreaking

You wouldn’t need your husband’s phone to root or jailbreak to be able to use ClickFree. The process is so streamlined that even with minimal information you can spy in entirety. It allows complete remote access of information.

ClickFree does not create a room for any unnecessary requirements. The process is very quick. It eliminates any unproductive information or data requirement. Only necessary requirements are sought. You can have complete remote access with zero intervention.


When it comes to a cheating husband, ClickFree can provide you the prowess of knowing exactly what is going on in his head. You can see first hand what he is trying to hide and keep from you.

ClickFree, by virtue of its Keylogger feature, allows the users to have a first hand view at the key activities that your husband engages in. Any vital keystrokes he makes will be out for your purview.

Any message he deletes, you will be able to see. It would also display the attention of him trying to hide a call or message from you. Deleting a spam message is understandable, but an array of messages from someone depicts that something fishy is going on.

You can not only see deleted messages, but also drafts of messages and emails. You can also see some response that he typed, and then deleted. This is the most honest version of reading someone’s mind.


When you are spying on someone as close and dear as your husband, you want to be sure of the reliability of the platform. You cannot just use any app and put your relationship at stake. ClickFree has the much needed reliability.

Around a million users in over 190 countries have trusted ClickFree with spying on their partners. It has a strong patronage, going stronger each day. It is the perfect mode to ensure that your partner is reliable, just like this web-based app.

Compatibility with Android and iOS

Whether your husband uses an iOS or an Android phone, you can spy on him either ways. It takes minimal processes from registering on ClickFree to spying from it. When it comes to iOS, all you need is your husband’s iCloud credentials and you can spy on his iphone.

Due to typical security features of Android, one has to download the ClickFree app to allow remote access. But, despite this, ClickFree will protect your secrecy as a user. You can download the app and hide it at the same time.

As the ClickFree app weighs only 3 MB, it does not take much of the phone’s space. Hence, it does not raise any suspicion. Once this app is hidden, it eliminates all traces of its existence. It will not even be visible in the library of apps.

In a simple set of procedures, both iOS and Android phones that your husband has can be spied on within a few minutes.  

  1. Spyic

Spyic is a good spying alternative and has a very ardent client base. It also has an extremely well functioning stealth mode that allows users to operate in a very anonymous manner. Spying on a cheating husband is its effective best.

It has a lot of functions and features that all leading spying apps possess. The app is also essentially web based, so leaves lesser trails.

3. Spyier

Spyier is a renowned web based spy app. It also has a lot of good functions and features that range from basic to premium. It also offers a holistic spying range. From your husband’s location to his social media engagements, you can see everything first hand on Spyier.

Further, it also has a very friendly interface that enables users to be at ease with the app.


You’ve read enough articles about cheating spouses caught using spy apps. Now, it is the time to take the matters in your hands and unravel the truth. It is not a good feeling to be cheated on. But, the worst feeling is to be cheated on and not know about it.

You must not face the brunt of your husband’s disloyalty. Platforms like ClickFree website offer the much required clarity and honesty. Your husband might lie, but his smartphone won’t. So, do not believe in words, see the state of facts first hand. 

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